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HMS Crown, Inc. is a privately owned corporation and is not a multi-level or network marketing firm, but if you have a web site, we do have a very attractive affiliate program.

Earn 40% on Every Sale
and 15% of 1st tier commissions

If you have a web site, sign up as an HMS Crown affiliate and save 40% on your own skin care purchases and make a life time residual income on customers or other merchants you refer to HMS Crown, Inc. RegistrAntion is free.

Simply register as an affiliate at and place our banners or text links on your web site. Anyone who clicks on a link on your site is permanently assigned to you, and whether they make a purchase today or two years from now, you get paid.

HMS Crown, Inc. offers affiliates through an 40% commission on all sales and repeat sales for each buyer forever as long as he or she is displaying HMS Crown banners or text downloaded from the site. Unlike some merchants who limit sales tracking to 30 or 60 days, HMS Crown is interested in serious marketing people who want to build a business, retain their customers, and develop long term financial potential. In addition to commissions on each sale, HMS Crown will pay an affiliate 15% of the commissions paid any other affiliate they may introduce to HMS Crown via 

For example, if you become an HMS Crown affiliate and a customer coming from your web site makes a $100 purchase on the HMS Crown site, you will earn $40. If a customer comes from the web site of a friend you introduced as a new affiliate to HMS Crown Inc. and likewise makes a purchase for $100, you would earn a 15% management override of $6. As long as you retain your free membership to, you will receive commissions and overrides on customers and referred affiliates forever. This is an excellent way of building a residual income source while you sleep. We have a selection of banners and text links that may be used on your site or you may design your own banners or text links as long as they are approved by HMS Crown Inc.

HMS Crown Products
You won't find HMS CROWN anti-aging premium skincare products on a drug store or supermarket shelf. You won't find them behind the counter at Neiman Marcus or Saks. You won't see them nationally advertised.

You may accidentally stumble over HMS Crown products at a very few prestigious salons and health spas, but for the most part you'll see them only on the Internet – -- or hear about them by word of mouth. 

Since 1997, HMS Crown has had an exclusive line of cosmetics created from premium sources.  After more than 25 years of research and development, beginning by working with herbs and oils to develop crèmes in 1969, HMS Crown formulations are coming to the fore as the world's best kept secret for beautiful skin.

The reason for this sudden recognition is that HMS Crown products work. 

History of HMS Crown 
The late Terry Turner, formulator of the HMS Crown products, owned and operated Rio Caliente a health spa and resort on the banks of a hot river near Guadalajara, Mexico. There, he worked with botanists, herbalists, naturopaths, and curanderos on cosmetic crèmes which became the basis for today's HMS Crown products.  Following his return to the United States in 1975, he continued to experiment with new methods of sequencing and emulsifying natural ingredients in various cosmetic concepts in order to achieve super rich blends that would instantly improve the appearance of skin. In 1996, after a twenty year search, he found the key to make it happen.

The HMS CROWN products - especially Royal Gold -- are testimonies in themselves.  In most cases, results are immediate, and a visible result is evident in just minutes. These are not miracle products but they produce demonstrable results quickly, and the longer the products are used, the better and more youthful you can expect your skin to look.

For more information call 817-456-9748or visit the Anti-Aging Solution at  To register as an HMS Crown affiliate, go to,scroll down to form, and sign up.

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HMS Crown, Inc. 
All HMS Crown products are formulated and processed in the United States. 
Quality Guaranteed!