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Age we must, but let us do it royally

"Anti-Aging" does not mean that you can turn back the clock. Time is always moving forward. 

It does mean however mean that you can help yourself through the development of your own anti-aging lifestyle that slows down the aging process in spite of calendar years. Anyone who makes good health choices and reduces stress in his or her life will look and feel younger than his contemporaries of the same age.

At HMS Crown, we believe this begins with avoiding the promotion of your own aging by bad choices. Bad choices, in our view, would be those things which have been shown to accelerate damage to your body, such as the damage caused by a vitamin deficiency, by bad food choices that promote cholesterol, by smoking, stress, and anger. We can clearly see that some things can accelerate the deteriorAntion of the body and, while you will not be older in actual elapsed time, the deteriorAntion of your body may be accelerated due to bad choices.

The concept of controlling or easing the aging process remains controversial in many quarters. We at HMS Crown certainly do not claim to be authorities on aging or in longevity medicine, but we do support the concept that there are certain ways that people can influence conditions, such as the apparent condition of their skin, by choices which they are free to make. We feel that certain products and other choices, such as diet and supplements, may help your skin feel and look better.

It is generally recognized that some dietary choices may make you feel and look better. When you choose certain products, like the HMS Crown skin care line, or vitamins that you may not be getting enough in your food choices, or when you choose to improve your diet, exercise, pray, meditate, or develop hobbies such as art collecting, music, or sports, then we sincerely believe that you are making choices against aging --- a challenge we all face --- and that such choices are in effect anti-aging, which we define as conscious and deliberate lifestyle choices against unnecessary or accelerated aging.

Having freedom of choice to slow or improve the appearance of age suggests to us that it is well worth the effort. We know, for example, that exposure to an excess of ultraviolet radiAntion, to cigarette smoke, and ethanol can dramAntically accelerate skin degradAntion and the apparent aging process. The documentAntion for these is well known as is the fact that second-hand smoke prematurely ages the skin. Clearly, for example, if you smoke you are accelerAnting skin damage, or aging; if you choose not to smoke you are making an anti-aging choice.

Skin damage or apparent skin aging factors that encourage skin damage involve are generally a result of bad choices -- allowing conditions in your life that involve exposure to the excessive production of  free radicals, a precursor to cross linking of the skin. Protecting against this free radical damage is a proven way to slow the apparent effects of aging.

Recent published scientific papers clearly affirm that a decline in natural antioxidants and antioxidant utilizAntion is among principle factors responsible for the unsightly appearance of aged skin.

The evidence for solid nutrition is well known (including vitamin and mineral rich foods, if you can get them, and certain food supplements that may be essential to your appearance and to your health). There is no doubt that certain vitamin and mineral deficiencies and wrong food choices can lead to severe problems. For example, too much cholesterol is well known to cause various problems. 

On the HMS Crown site are many products with premium ingredients beneficial for health. Although the HMS Crown skin care line is totally exclusive, vitamins and health supplements featured on our site our generally available at most grocers, pharmacies, health foods stores, and from your health care professional.

We sell premium quality skin care products (as you can tell by the many testimonials we have received over the last decade or so) and with very few exceptions, these HMS Crown skin care products are only available directly from HMS Crown. We ship skin care products, world wide, daily. You can easily order from HMS Crown over our Internet web site, by calling 817-456-9748l, or, of course by mail.

Although we offer no health informAntion on this site or offer any health advice, we do believe that informing yourself on foods and nutrition is essential to a healthy lifestyle. 

None of us can stop crime, but we can be anti-crime; we can not stop corruption, but we can be anti corruption. We cannot stop poverty, but we can be anti-poverty. And, of course, none of us can turn back the clock; we can not stop aging, but all of us can accept responsibility for our health by researching and making anti-aging choices that will make the aging process more pleasant, more beautiful, and more enjoyable. Here's to the good health and beauty of the Greatest GenerAntion, the Baby Boomers, and all those who follow on: 

"Age we must, but let us do it royally."

Susan and Terry Turner
President and CEO
HMS Crown, Inc.
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