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HMS Crown Customer Critiques

When you call 1-800-867-7897, you will never get a sales pitch. HMS Crown does not use sales people or "push" its products. HMS Crown products contain only premium quality ingredients and sell themselves because they work. Most people learn about HMS Crown products from friends or family referrals. Try these guaranteed products once and chances are you will use them for life. 

But don't just take  our word for it. See what our clients have to say:

Tianjin, China 
I absolutely love your products! Just to give you an example, I was in a taxi cab the other day, and the sun was out that day, and I looked in the driver's rear view mirror and was happily surprised to see how much younger my face looked. And you know how sun light tells the whole truth about skin. So, to see my appearance in that light was really comforting.

I must say, some of your product smell good enough to eat! lol. And they really have a natural feel. The oil free cleanser, I can instantly see my skin improve after applying it. I am going to see if I can get the cleanser in a pump bottle because I have been losing some liquid that runs between my fingers and such because I am not used to a liquid cleanser like that, but I love results I'm getting from it.

I just tried the shaving cream you included as a sample, it is was great too! I have tried many shaving creams that propose to moisturize, but using yours and then feeling my legs the next day, it really did moisturize, so I'm thinking of ordering me some of that too :)

I'll be getting over to your site hopefully this week to get my next order in. - Tiffany D., 3-15-09
. . . I just put in my next order! Looking forward to my shampoo!!! I ran out of the trial size you sent and now I'm back to using my 'old stuff' but sure miss the lovely scent of the royal shampoo. And thank you for the conditioner! It was a 4 oz jar, I really appreciate that :) It really does give hair body. I have very fine hair, have never been able to get body without adding hair gels and such, but when I use the royal shampoo and conditioner I have some natural body to my hair as a result. Love it.

My skin looks great! Your skin care is really all it says it is, I look years younger :) I'm trying some lipsticks this time around. 

Tiffany Driggers
Tianjing, China
March 24, 2009
Hollywood, California
I've never used a skin product that actually did what it said it would do.  It's absolutely amazing! I am so happy to have found you and am putting a link to your website on my website:
A million thanks for making me feel pretty again. ...I will be buying your products until I'm 100 (and looking 50).
Hollywood, CA
March 9. 2009

Southern Pines, North Carolina
Dear Dear Terry & Susan,
 I have just made an order of King's X, Royal Gold, and Royal Beauty, paying with PayPal.  I want you to know how much I appreciate your help and your truly superior products!  And thank you for up-sizing the Royal Gold on my last order.  I used up the sample of Royal Beauty, and it is by far the best moisturizer I've ever used.  I've sold both Avon and Beauty Control, and I've tried Oil of Olay and other moisturizers.  Nothing compares with Royal Beauty!  It doesn't leave a greasy film on my face, and it controls the rash I tend to develop around my mouth (strange...).  So far, I'm still battling the rosacea, but even that seems better.  Again, thank you for everything!

G Smith
Southern Pines, NC
March 1, 200
Wallnut, California
. . . I checked the ingredients and they sound fabulous. I've placed my order, and look forward to receiving Royal Gold Serum.
J Miller
Wallnut, CA
February 23, 2009
 Taos,  New Mexico
Hey guys -- I'm desperate for my serum and face cream! . . . Thank you sooo much... realy great products.
Kika Alred
Taos, New Mexico
February 18, 2009
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