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HMS Crown Customer Critiques
 Colorado Spring, Colorado
 Sharon and I have used HMS skin products for more than five years, and we both think that Terry Turner’s formulas for skin care are the best around, barring none!  As professional concert flutists and graphic artists, we both try to take good care of our hands.  At my age of 76, my skin is not naturally as pliant and as supple as it once was during my younger years, and it needs a lot of help, especially in Colorado’s year-round dry climate.  Until I experienced the magic of Terry’s specially formulated HMS Royal Glove hand cream, to which he introduced me in 1999, my hands were constantly in need of greasy lotions, which were rarely effective and only served to interfere with my performance.  The Royal Glove stays on and never feels greasy, hence allowing my hands to feel soft but with the ability to controllably hold the instrument during performance or firmly grip my camera.  Sharon and I both appreciate these extraordinary qualities of Royal Glove as well as all of the products offered by HMS Crown.  We will use them as long as they are available, and we hope that this will be for a long time to come!
                                                                                                                   Israel & Sharon Borouchoff,
Colorado Springs
January 2006
Taos, New Mexico
I have tried many hand creams in my career working with wood. It is my humble opinion that HMS Crown's Royal Glove is the best hand cream on  Planet Earth. Many Blessings. Peace. Austin, Texas
I have been meaning to send you some testimonials on a few of the products as they live up to the promises unlike so many products on the market today. I have found that a combination of a good razor, the Almond scrub, and then the Royal Shave results in the closest shave I have ever enjoyed. A hot shower immediately preceding this order makes it go even faster.

Being skeptical as is my nature I was dubious as to the claims about Royal Glove, but while applying stain and polyurethane on the kitchen cabinets of my father's home I discovered the true efficacy of the product. Both the stain and the polyurethane were alkyd (solvent) based products, which are inherently harmful to the skin and very difficult to remove, but ince I was using Royal Glove, I found that at the end of the day the stain would come right off without any trouble. I even had a day when I forgot to use Royal Glove in the morning before work, but since I had been using it steady for some time, it still protected my hands on that day as well. I've never seen a product which worked as this one does.

The product that really introduced me to HMS products is Kings X. I have extremely poor luck with oral pain relievers, both over the counter and prescription, and no effect at all from the ointments and rubs aside from 
an unpleasant aroma, but I have been very pleasantly surprised with how well Kings X works for me. For most muscle soreness or joint pain, I reach for King's X or I reach for nothing at all. I have found that it even 
helps the stiffness I get in my hands first thing in the morning.

Brian Tomlinson
Austin, Texas
January 23, 2006
Taos, New Mexico
I find these products (in particular, the face products--the serum and creams) to be the most moisturizing cosmetics I have ever encountered.  I constantly get told that I look radiant, and I'm sure it's because of your products!
K Allred
Taos, NM
January 22, 2006
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