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HMS Crown Customer Critiques

Texas --- Send the biggest!
I sure do like the Royal Gold Serum. I want to buy the biggest size you have because I use it all the time under my eyes, over my forehead, and so forth. I just love it. It's great; there is nothing else like it; the serum just spoils you.

L. Rice
former skin care consultant
Jan 16, 2006
Ranchos de Taos, New Mexico
Good to talk with you both this morning  ... She definitely noticed my skin in my photos. She called it flawless!
January 16, 2006
Taos, New Mexico
Two years ago after complaining to my neighbor so rabidly about my dry itchy skin she lathered one arm with some body crème that a good friend of hers had developed.  Being cynical at the time, having tried every lotion on the market, cheap and expensive over the years of living in the high desert of Taos, New Mexico, I went home.  The next morning I noticed my left arm had a softening sheen and the skin actually looked soothed.  I called Hazel and said where did you get that crème... That afternoon I met the Turners and the rest as they say is history.

Now while I have been using their products exclusively for the past two years I would like to share my experience with one of their products that has allowed me to have my hands back.  I am a hand washer.  I suppose it comes from growing up in the polio era where the doctors told our Mothers to keep germs at bay to try and prevent the polio virus from spreading.  In 1951 what did they really know.  I also work with acrylic paints and am always washing my hands.  In the winter months my knuckles would crack and be bloodied ... The Turners' have a crème  called PPHDHand and Body Rescue.  I put that on my hands several times a day followed by their Royal Glove  ... and I no longer have dry cracked hands.  It is an amazing product and when applied to the dry heels of the feet that have worn heavy wool socks and hiking boots all winter, your feet like you are ready to paint your toes and slip into your sandals!  I personally cannot say enough about having PPHD in your ...  bag.

I feel compelled to add that my neighbor had been giving me samples of the Turners' products prior to my moment of epiphany with the Royal Body anti-aging crème and I like any other cynical human being, used them willy-nilly and always resorted back to the products I was used to.  Now I would not dream of not putting the Royal Gold Serum on under my eyes in the morning and evening, nor would I neglect to put one of the face crèmes on after that.  I personally use the Royal Weekend formula, The Royal Gold Crème and The Royal Beauty Crème alternately every day and evening  to such an extent that I have been known to leave the house without make-up on my face.  As a women now in her mid fifties that is quite a feat!

Having soft supple skin is a luxury we all should afford in a world with dwindling pleasures and more and more exposure to harmful environmental contaminants.  I love my daily rituals of putting crèmes on my body after my shower and preparing for a creative day in my studio.  I hope I have been of help to any one who is sitting on a fence afraid to try some products that truly do work.

Sincerely, Judith Schiavone
Taos, New Mexico
Weymouth, MA 
For quite some time, I had been looking for the perfect skin care system for myself.  I have difficult skin to say the least.  I am over 35 so have the usual anti-aging requirement (wrinkle reducer, etc.), I need a product that evens the skin tone, reduces under eye puffiness and dark circles, AND I suffer from frequent adult ....  As a licensed cosmetologist, I realize the importance of using ... products that ... actually work  ... I thought it was too good to be true and had to try for  myself.  I was so pleased that the prices were affordable!  I ordered the trail pack and after just one week, I noticed a remarkable difference.  I'm sold.  You  have (another) loyal customer for life.

...  I love your products and would love the ... share your wonderful products 

Thanks again for your time.

Your loyal Customer
Moira Commesso
Licensed Cosmetologist
Tallahassee, Florida
Hi. Received your products. Very pleased
Blaze Bardo
Wheat Ridge, Colorado
 I enjoy your products so much and enjoy doing business with you.
Judy A. Sullivan
Police Administration
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