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  Taos, New Mexico
Terry and Susan:

I am totally delighted ...  I've used everything at least once and am already experiencing a huge difference. I'm telling everyone who might be interested.

I see you have a web sales incentive program. I'm looking into it.

Thank you again!

Melody R
July 12, 2003
French Creek, West Virginia
.... and also thank you and Susan Turner for your generosity ...Your company is one of the best I have ever ordered from on the  internet. I additionally want to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to write and give me ideas on how to care for my skin. A few days ago, I sent in an order for the Royal Anti-aging Moisturizer and Royal Gold. The moisturizer is the best I have ever used. My skin is very oily but the moisturizer absorbs in nicely and I have seen results already with my skin tone evening out. It has decreased the redness and I don't have to use such a heavy hand when applying foundation. I also like the results of the Royal Gold underneath my eyes. It moisturizes this delicate area and helps smooth over the fine lines. 

In closing, I would like to thank you both for being so generous ... I have also used the (King's X) on my shoulders and neck when I get trigger points in this area. 

Valerie Browning
Oct. 17, 2003
 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Just dropping you a line to let you know that you have the best line of products out there. I've tried “zillions” of products, but your delivers. Your Royal Gold Serum is very … And your Royal Shave! The razor glides and does not drag and skin is moisturized not parched.
Thanks again
D. Morris
July 22, 2003
Littleton, Colorado
It was nice to have met both you and your wife. I hope things are going well ... by the way, my wife loves the Royal Gold and after using the shaving cream ... my face feels as smooth as a baby's butt! 
Lyle Bell
July 21, 2003
Grass Valley, California
Thank you very much for you exceptional service. Every order I've placed with HMS Crown has been received quickly, and the products are exceptional. 

Again, thank you for taking care of this for me. 

Nickole Garrett
July 17, 2003
Norman, Oklahoma
I have wanted to thank you for the support and kindness that you have shown my family and me. Your continued friendship and generosity are truly a blessing. Thank you.
Lori & Kurt Peterson
July 15, 2003
Madison, Wisconsin
Hello Terry,

I would like to thank you ever so much for taking the time to send me that 'short' note ...

I did make it into the health food store for some good flax seed oil, vitamin E capsules, vitamin E oil ... I was told the Borage seed oil would be very pricey if I could find it.  But I gave my daughter all of these PLUS a vile of the wrinkle serum.  Can't hurt.   I think she will use it on her young, pretty face also.
You were so kind to take the time to tell me all of these things.

You must be quite a kind hearted person. For that reason and the fact that your product works I will tout you product for years to come.

I do understand you ... But I also know first hand that your product works.  I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen my friend's skin improve.

Again I thank you ...

Kim K. 
July 07, 2003
Maplewood, Minnesota
Dear Susan;

I just wanted to send you a note and tell you that I received my first order from your company a little over a week ago. What a wonderful surprise! 

I appreciate all the care and attention that you bring in preparing your items for shipping. I opened the box and I felt so special to have received it. The individually wrapped items nestled in a bed of raffia type bedding was just beautiful. 

I order many products through various companies but yours prompted me to write to you and let you know that it made me feel like a "Queen."

Thank you to everyone at HMS Crown for providing such a superior presentation and products, for all of us to enjoy!


Beth Livingston
June 15, 2003
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