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Milipitas, California
Dear Mr. Turner,

Thank you for the wonderful information.  While I had read about Royal Gold Serum (as well as quite a few other HMS Crown products), I must admit that I am a bit of a novice when it comes to skincare. However, you (and others at HMS Crown) have been more than helpful and honest and generous, and I am beyond impressed with your service and products.

I am fully aware that HMS Crown is a skincare ... products company, and I cannot commend you enough for reminding even your repeat customers.  However, the HMS Crown web site is filled with great information on skincare (as well as other departments), and I have received nothing but direct, open information.  Therefore, I highly regard your advice, and I feel your information is ... great ...

....Thank you for your suggestion of Royal Gold Serum and Aloe Vera Jelly, as well as ... 

I understand you must be quite busy, and I apologize for this overly long email, ... I simply wanted to let you know how much I appreciate HMS Crown service and products. 

Furthermore, I applaud how HMS Crown is run:  informatively, openly, honestly, and directly.  I'm sure many of your customers inform you of their gratitude and satisfaction, however, it is truly deserved.
Thank you for your previous help,the ... (products) ... and the Royal Treatment Hair Care system have been remarkable ...  has been unbelievable.
 Thank you so very much.

Viral Davé
June 06, 2003
Plano, Texas
... Got the tooth gel , etc. a couple of days ago.  I personally love the stuff.  I had been looking for something with Chlorine Dioxide in it for quite a while. It leaves your mouth feeling so clean and ,of course, the chlorophyll is wonderful also.  Good product.
Charles Sizemore, DDS
June 4, 2003
Denver, Colorado
Please send four Royal Gold Serum wands   I love this product. Thank you. 
Kathy C
May 07, 2003
Grass Valley, California
Hi,  I just wanted to submit some comments on your products and web site. 

Finding your site has become one of the luckiest things that have happened to me. I was searching for something to help my boyfriend ... and came across your King's X product. After spending considerable time looking at all the wonderful information you provide, I purchased your Intro Kit. As you claim, the products start working immediately. 

I have had very dry skin my entire life. However, whenever I use products to moisturize, my skin breaks out ... As I just turned 40, I became increasingly concerned about using products to combat signs of age without my skin breaking out. What could be worse than wrinkles and ... at the same time. Anyway, I used the products in your intro kit and voila, I now have what I would consider "normal" skin. My skin is beautiful ... My skin is no longer dry, it's soft and feels dewy. The Royal Body has done the same for the rest of me.

The Royal Gold Serum feels terrific on my eye area and I've never been able to find an eye cream that didn't burn that sensitive skin. I've had sun spots on my face and have always had to wear foundation. These products are actually resolving that as well and I'm not even wearing makeup anymore.

The most fabulous thing about these products are I will never have to go look at another product to resolve another new symptom from using the last product. These products take care of everything ... and do not have any downside. I now have a skin care regime that I can follow forever. 

Thank you, 
Nickole G.
May 23, 2003
Woodbridge, Virginia... My girlfriend was over this weekend and I haven't seen her since I started using your products and she was beside herself with envy - noticed my skin right away and said I didn't even need to wear makeup anymore (I'm not sure I concur because I need a little color to add some zip if you know what I mean.  So there you go, it's confirmed.
May 19, 2003

Hi Terry - got the "stuff" and you are right.  I believe I've seen some positive changes already ...  The lotions feel so good when applied and I love the delicate fragrances.  I'll be putting in another order soon, especially for the Royal Weekend.  I've only done the facelift once but it makes my skin feel really nice afterwards.  One last note - looks like some radical changes are coming my way and I just wanted to check with you about shipping to Egypt .... I'd hate to think that I wouldn't have access to the Royal line.  Thanks and have a great day. 
May 14, 2003 
Port Deposit, Maryland
Subject: GREAT Products 

Hi Susan,

....In any, case, I want to again compliment (praise) your company for FANTISTIC products ... all of which do what you claim!!!!  My skin looks and feels wonderful.  I especially like Royal Gold serum & creme, Royal Beauty Moisturizer.  Thank you again for such a wonderful product line ... for the consumer

J Tippett
April 10, 2003
Denver, Colorado
Hi Terry and Suzi, 

It is so funny I just got through washing my hair and I was thinking about the two of you.  That Hair conditioner is fantastic!  I really like it a lot ... Have a Great evening! 

Vicki and Bill
April 1, 2003
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