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Beverly Hills, California
Hi, I checked out the site ... looks good, and it shows some of what you offer, at least the products. I wish your newsletter could show the dusty road, the open door, the porch, the long wooden table and the natural soft  light in your place, the warmth, color and glow of you two and the vibrance and music of the blue in the painting I loved! 

Love you two! 

D. D.
March 20, 2003

 Dallas, Texas

Suzi, Thank you and Terry so much for sending me the ....  Today is my second day to use it and I honestly think it has made my knee feel a little better. I don't want to speak too soon, but I think it's helping.  It must be a magic potion.  Thank you so much.  I will give you an update after I use it for one week.  Thanks again. 

27 Mar 2003
Massapequa, New York
Hi Terry, his mother ...  is 76 years old.  She cannot live without your Kings X and states that she will "never leave home without it."  I always give her Kings X for her birthday and Christmas.  His sister has fallen in love with your shampoo and can't live without it either.     I'm really glad that they like your products.  His  mother puts it on her feet every night  ...
March 10, 2003

Port Deposit, Maryland

Subject: GREAT Products 
Hi Susan,
....In any, case, I want to again compliment (praise) your company for FANTASTIC products ... all of which do what you claim!!!!  My skin looks and feels wonderful.  I especially like Royal Gold serum & creme, Royal Beauty Moisturizer.  Thank you again for such a wonderful product line ... for the consumer

J Tippett
April 10, 2003
Tatum, New Mexico
Hi Terry & Suzi, 
Just thought I would let you both know that I love the conditioner & shampoo!! I do it as you said and shampoo, condition and then shampoo again and it keeps my baby fine hair looking shiny & full. 

I also see very good results with the (Royal Beauty) antiaging moisturizer & Royal Gold (Serum).

The Feet Treat is fantastic ... 

In fact come to think of it I have not tried one thing you have sent me that I do not like. 

 I Thank You And My Husband Thanks You. 

Have a great evening.

L. Harton
March 05, 2003
Delta, Colorado
wanted to write and tell you how I feel about the products of HMS Crown: 

Feet Treat moisturizes my feet; I have no scales or dry skin. 

Royal Gold Serum the best facial (moisturizer) I have ever used. Much better results than even French or Italian creams and oils. 

Non Surgical Face Lift, I think the enclosed pictures say it all. My jaw lines no longer sags, the jowls are firmer 

I am sold on all the products I have used  


Jo Downs. 
January 23, 2003
Laporte, Colorado
YES!!!!!   I got my order yippee!!! I was soooooooooooo excited.  I ripped open a Royal Beauty (daily anit-aging) moisturizer  and slapped it on me and man did it feel good and the smell ahhhhhhhh - I have missed the smell!! LOL  Thank you so much for the extras too.  I cannot wait to try the (Royal) Body Lotion.

Is the Banish similar to King's X Soothing Creme?  I sill have some of the King's ... just curious.

Tonight I will feel like a new woman after I cleanse, scrub use the (Royal Gold Serum) anti wrinkle serum and put that wonderful moisturizer on.

K Beers
Licensed Aesthetician
Jan 04, 2003
Higher Compton, Plymouth, Devon, England
HOPE YOU ARE WELL. MY SKIN HAS SEEN GREAT  IMPROVEMENT SINCE USING YOUR PRODUCTS ... THE (Non Surgical Face Lift) MASK IS BRILLIANT THE ROYAL GOLD PRODUCTS (Royal Gold Serum and Royal Beauty)  ARE THE BEST IN THE WORLD ... Hope you are keeping well and not working too hard and once again thank you for your fabulous products and the way your wrap them adds to the fun; my daughter had a great time this morning carefully unwrapping all the products, then Mum had more fun using them

Warmest Regards 


J Partington Smith
Aug. 07 2002
Chevy Chase, Maryland
Dear Susan and Terry:

Thank you so much for taking some of your valuable time to help me with my  concern.  Since I wrote you, after much reflection as to what I was doing differently, I stopped using the (competitor items) ... Washing my face with a mild ... cleanser and treating it with the Royal Gold Serum and Weekend Gold as helped to diminish the dryness, quite a bit, the tautness around the eye area has lessened very much.  After reading your detailed note I understand everything much better, and am even examining my diet as well ... I  see wisdom in your advice ... Please know I'm grateful to both of you for your generosity spirit.

My heartfelt thanks and well wishes to both of you,

Malika K.
November 04, 2002

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