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Reno, Nevada
Hi Terry and Susan,
... also add (2) Royal Gold Serums on to the order and one more of the Royal Beauty Daily Anti Aging Moisturizers.  I got my roommate turned on to the stuff.  And one shampoo and one conditioner.  I love yall's stuff.  it is so good for my skin in this dryness. I meant to order it with the last order.  Talk to ya'll soon.  Many hugs

G. Collier
October 11. 2002
Hill Country, Texas
Hi there mountain goat folks. Thanks for the notes.
.AND about the (Royal Knight) body lotion - I "felt" it was expensive - just like I can feel the royal gold serum.  Which means - yes, it feels real good.  I can't tell of long term effects - just feels good to use ... I'm using Royal Gold ... and it seems to be better than anything ...    :)
M. H.
17 August 2001
Wimberly, Texas
I do want to let you know that the Royal Gold Serum really does work wonders ... It has been almost miraculous ... that this has truly been a God-send ... thanks.
S. Campbell
Coppell, Texas
I bought some (product) from Christian Dior and was given some samples of some eye creme because of my purchase.  I used the Christian Dior eye cream sample for 2 days and my eyes started swelling up and got really wrinkled.  I couldn't believe it!  I immediately stopped using the sample and ran back to HMS Crown's Royal Gold Serum, which took care of the problem.  ... (Christian Dior's) cellulite lotion is truly wonderful and feels real good on your legs, but the eye cream is awful. Once again ... HMS Crown has the best stuff. . . .your prices seem too inexpensive.  I would raise the price if I were you.  I feel guilty paying these prices for such wonderful products.
Kimberly Milford 
Abiquiu, New Mexico
... This formula is a big improvement on creams that I have tried in the past ... 
Sky Williams
February 09, 2003
Moberly, Missouri
I LOVE your products, your service, etc. Just wanted you to know.
Diana Hurt 
January 16,2003
Dallas, Texas
Thank you very much for the most helpful information. We really appreciate the insight and support. I'm excited about all this new information   Again, we appreciate your time and efforts.   I'm looking forward to receiving our intro kit. 

Have a good day, 

Jan 10 2003
Plano, Texas

Thanks Terry for the info ... Very impressive ...

I absolutely love the Royal Oats.  For the past few days  I have been using about one  to one-and-a-half cups a day. What I do is put about 16 ounces of pure water in a blender with some protein, flax seeds,  one to one and a half cups of the oats, and maybe one piece of fruit, etc.  Mix it all up and drink it down.   I don't know whether it's my imagination or not, but it seems to me that I have more energy during the day than I've ever had.  It's been amazing to me, and it has to be the oats.   Anyway, at the rate that I'm using it up, I'll run out because I'm into the 2nd bag now, so please go ahead and send me a bunch more, maybe a dozen bags or so of the organic Royal Oats.  It's great and so easy to use.  I could cook them as well, but if in a hurry, they're just fine raw.  I'll be a user of it from now on.

C. S., DDS
Feb. 26 2003
Port Deposit, Maryland
Mr. Turner,  I would like to thank you for the "personal touch" way you handle your business.  After ordering and using the (travel sizes), I placed an order.  I was in no way concerned about the delivery.  I received your phone call apologizing for the delay in delivery and offering me a free gift, due to the order not being processed quickly.    All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you.  Not only are you selling superior quality products, you also offer superior quality customer relations.  It is apparent your customers are important.  A company that sells a product that REALLY does what it guarantees, what a concept!  I salute your integrity!  Again - thank you - 
May 03 2002
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