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Dallas, Texas
Dear Terry and Suzi: 

We went to the Cher concert last night and had a good time ...  (we had) box seats which was a real big treat.  The suite was really nice ... all set up with food and drinks, and also had a chef that cooked us ... some pasta.  It was great, and Cher put on a good show.  ... Cher is  58 years old, which is hard to believe.  She still has a good body.  Michelle drove up from Austin to join us and she was so cute.  She has the best personality and is always a lot of fun. 

I think you now have a new customer.  Last night at the concert, she just raved and raved about your products.  She and I were standing there talking about your products ... raving about your products to this extreme, and she told us both that we would make a good commercial. 

August 24, 2002
Taos, New Mexico
Thank you! You are the nicest people ever I appreciate your kindness and friendship. 
December 16, 2002
Wimberly, Texas
Thanks for keeping me posted ... Be sure to tell Susie that Mom tried your (suggestion) on the bottoms of her feet and has been free of ... since.  Her friend laughed at Mom when she told her what she was doing, but the next thing we knew she too had gotten some ... to try on her own feet. 

... (His) main problem seems to be ....  I keep putting the Kings X on him at night. 

Thanks again for sending the Intestamine along to Mom and especially thanks for including the goodies.  I know that will make her feel very special ... 

Peace and love...........

November 22, 2002
Anchorage Alaska

Subject: RESULTS!!

I feel that my search is finally over!!  I have tried most department store lines --Lancôme, Dior, Lauder, etc. -- with minimal results.  I turned 50 this year, and although my skin is still in fairly good shape, I decided to make a concerted effort to keep it that way.  I had decided splurge and tried Dr. Perricone's products -- with disastrous results.  I have never had such an adverse reaction to a line of skin products in all my life!  I was afraid I'd done permanent damage.  Next, I tried Victoria Principal's line of anti-aging products.  Although they worked to some extent, I found they caused my face to break out ...

After these two fiascoes, I was ready to give up and go back to Oil of Olay or L'Oreal, when I happened to do a search and found your web site.  Well, third time was the charm.  Although I have been using your anti-aging products for less than a month, my skin  looks better than it has in years.  I have had minor skin discolorations and ...  that have always caused me to use make-ups that provide good coverage -- for the very first time in my life I an wearing a light, moisturizing tint!  I cannot tell you how impressed and thrilled I am with the HMS line.  I am so happy I found you!!

M McKeever 
July 01, 2002 
Duncan (Little America) Oklahoma
Thanks for the Banish Cream!!!  ....I have ALREADY HAD GREAT RESULTS 
Sunny M.P.
Oct. 14 2002
Haddonfield, New Jersey
Anyway, I still think your products are fabulous. . .no chance of losing me as a customer!
Joyce M
Nov. 16 02
 League City, Texas
My package arrived and I opened it like a kid on Xmas morning!  Thanks for all the goodies. Your products are absolutely great  ... 
Marilyn Mitchell
May 06, 2002
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