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More HMS Crown Customer Critiques

Liberty Lake, Washington
Subject: Thanks

Thank you again, you should be thanked for all your hard work into making others lives easier. 

I wish you much success always.

God Bless,

Raeann Montano
June 10, 2002
Dallas, Texas
Thanks for the package ...  I love your products so... much.  By the way, I like the (Royal Treatment) shampoo better in the clear bottle, for some reason.  Very nice.  I'm taking Fundamental Sulfur capsule now ...  Thanks so much.  Keep up the good work.  No other products compare to yours!!!
Kimberly M 
Aug. 31 2002
Santa Fe, New Mexico
I received your lovely products and I am enjoying them! Many thanks for your time and truly caring nature. These products are quality and I am deeply grateful.  Blessings, 
July 2002
Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Hi Terry, I realized that I failed to thank you for the travel size products!  It was a really fun package to open and open and open all the goodies.  My husband loves the shave lotion.  I'll take you up on the Christmas offer for my mom.  I think she would love your product.

E Carillo
Oct. 14 2002
Dallas, Texas
Thanks to Mimi for telling me about HMS Anti Aging products!  My skin looks and feels so much softer since I have been using your products, and thanks for making them available at a reasonable price. 


Ann Murdock
April 10, 2002
Delta, Colorado

Thanks for the foot cream. It really works.

Joey D.
January 11, 2002
Duncan, Oklahoma
Just a QUICKIE to let you guys know that the "Super Strength Lightener" IS WORKING WELL after just one week of twice a day applications!!!  The spots are not totally gone yet, ....but I can see that they are much LIGHTER already!!!  I'll keep you posted! Also, I'm using the ... Banish ...  Thanks so much for such GREAT PRODUCTS!!! 
Bye now, ....and Hugs
Margie P
Dec 05 2002
Stevens Point, Wisconsin
The King's X Soothing Cream is a wonderful product. Thank you. .. and please include me on your mailing list. 
Lisa Bruner
May, 2001
Beijing, China
Terry, Yes I use it (Royal Shave) almost every day, and I love it!  The only time I don't use it is when I travel overseas, and then I use an electric razor.  I just wet my face, put some on my fingers, and spread it around my face until it lathers some.  I have pretty sensitive skin (after all I am a sensitive guy), and I have learned to pick shaving cream very carefully or I pay a heavy price.

This is about the best I have ever used.  I must confess I have never read your directions, so don't know if I am doing it right or not.

B. Tomlinson
11 Jan 2001
Lake Forest, California
Dear Terry Turner
You are something else, we can not believe you, are you real? We have not yet met a nicer person than you to do business with. We hold you in high regards and spread the word about your products and are soon to purchase some good stuff. Thanks for your kindness it is an honor to be of service anytime. Call us if you need any thing at all.
Saeed, and Mina
26 Jan 2001
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