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Ridgway, Colorado
I just wanted to let you know about a new use for Royal Gold Serum. A friend of mine used it on some dried up chewing gum in her washing machine that she had never been able to remove. The penetrating power of Royal Gold must be incredible. She used a small amount and the gum came right off. Not only does it remove wrinkles; it removes gum.

Sherry Ailinger
Marion, Indiana
I've received a few of the products and i have to say that they really are and do exactly what you claim. I have finally found my product line; keep it up.
Thank you
Bruce Belenky
Sacramento, CA
Hello Susan, I am looking forward to trying the new product.  I have never used one product line faithfully, as I have HMS Crown's. You can be very proud ...
Jacqueline  Scaletta
Fort Worth, Texas

Thank you.  I am really pleased with the Royal Gold Serum I have.  Its such an indulgence! But I do prefer the cream form since I have oily skin.   Thank you so much and keep up the good work!

Lynne Milford
Dallas, Texas
The Morning Gold Serum has done wonders under my eyes.  Also the original Royal Gold Serum is good for lines as well as under the eyes.

The Royal Beauty cream moisturizes without being too oily.  It's especially good under makeup and gives a tightening effect.

You'll be amazed at how your complexion will look in the morning after using the Royal Weekend Cream.

Quite frequently when my skin is extra dry,  The HMS Royal Crown Cream does wonders for my complexion.

Mimi Murray
                      Licensed Aesthetician 
former Neiman Marcus consultant
Wichita, Kansas
Thank you for the travel sizes. I didn't think I would be interested in the hair conditioner, but once I tried the sample I absolutely LOVED it and I immediately ordered a full size jar which I've now used, so I'm ordering three more! .... Now I can't get along without it. 

I've been so happy with all of your products that I have tried so far, and my orders always arrive quickly. 

Thanks for your excellent friendly service. 

Nancy P
September 22, 2000
Liberty Lake, Washington

... Forgot to tell you how much we love your products. My husband gets a pretty heavy beard and gets the ingrown hairs. He says, since using your shave cream, he doesn't get them anymore. Thank you for your wonderful line!!

Raeann M
July 2002
Jacksonville, Florida
Love your products. Please keep up the great work at helping my skin look and feel better
Karen Allen
Glibert, AZ
I have always taken good care of my skin using the expensive department store products, but lately they make no difference.  In 48 hours I couldn't believe how much this product line has done for my skin AND my husband's skin. I have a glow back.  I had a gastric bypass surgery and recently lost 100 pounds and wasn't looking healthy.  2 days on this product and EVERYONE noticed the difference.  WOW!  You have a customer for life!

... the Kings X has been terrific ... I had my massage therapist use it last Tuesday.  I cannot believe how soothing it is. It really amplified the effects of the massage ... I've refilled my travel size and I carry it in my purse.  It sure helped ...  I'll be trying some of your nutritional products soon as well ...

Vicki Boulden
Dallas, Texas
...  body cream is remarkable.  ...  Great.
Anne Goodrich
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