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Raymond, New Hampshire
To Whom it May Concern,

I just wanted to let you know that about 2 weeks ago, I requested the travel sizes you offered on your web site.  I expected mediocre, drugstore quality products.  I am writing now to tell you that I am extremely impressed with the performance of your skin and hair care products. I returned just this morning to purchase some full-size items, something which I never expected to do.

I love the oil free cleanser - it also works better than any makeup remover I have ever purchased.  I also was very impressed with both the Fresh & Tone (my personal favorite!) & the Royal Beauty

.... Also, in regards to your Royal Treatment hair conditioner, you don't suggest this as a  possible use, however, I  have permed & somewhat dry hair.  I found that using a small dab as a leave-in conditioner produced wonderful results!

Thank you again,


T A. Gallagher
July, 1999

I have bought your royal gold anti wrinkle serum and I am quite satisfied with the results. 

Iris Heng
August, 1999
Tyler, Texas

I rubbed on your new King's X Soothing Crème last night and had the best night's sleep I have had in a long time. Never even went to the bathroom. All night. It's wonderful 

CB Vance
July 28, 1999
Wow! ...Maybe you should rename Banish to "MAGIC"!  I am truly impressed with the results ... I could actually see significant changes after the very first (application) ... and as with all the other spectacular HMS products, a very small amount goes a VERY long way!

King's X has been a lifesaver in our house too!  . . . We are all impressed with King's X!!  Thank you so much!  I have been using it on my husband's back and shoulders ... with excellent results ...

M Poore
April 1999
Boulder, Colorado

Thank you for the amazing products. I just used King's X for the first time ... Royal Glove is great just as you said as are the others ... It was a pleasure. 

Pauli Wanderer
July 13,1999
Comfort, Texas

". . . I would like to share something with you.  Being female, I know how important it is to share feelings.  First let me say, I don't enjoy anyone trying to sell me anything.  I do like people to share with me what "works" in their life.  I have found something that "works".  May I share it with you.

I have known the people who developed the HMS products for about 25 years. I trust them.  They were owners of a health spa in Mexico.  I spent a lot of time there and subsequently opened a branch of my bookshop (The Phoenix Bookshop in Houston).  This was in the early 70's, when anyone could actually afford to go to those types of places.  I became friends with the owner and have kept up with them on and off through all these years.  I no longer have the bookshop and have had several careers since that time. 

I started teaching yoga in the early 80's and also developed aquatic programs.  I ended up on the two National Boards in aquatics.  With a lot time spent in swimming pools, I began to realize my skin was taking a beating.  Although quite successful, I ended my aquatic career and moved to the Texas Hill Country, where I ran a Bed & Breakfast.  After that business sold, I stayed in Comfort.

I still teach yoga.  It works in my life.  I have been using several of the HMS products.  They work in my life.  I have been especially impressed with "the gold".  I use it nightly. I have never found anything else that feels as good on my face, and seems to have that anti-aging effect.  I don't mean to try to sell you anything.  I did want to tell you my story and share this discovery with you.

Before I close, you may be wondering which other products I can't seem to live comfortably without.
I guess I'm a health nut and the HMS Royal Formula vitamin/mineral supplements are a daily must for me.  Also I always use the hair conditioner (Royal Treatment).

I've actually been impressed with all the HMS products."

Marti DeCluitt
June 1999
Tyler, Texas

The oats and honey are delicious. Thank you ... 

Cora Belle
March 30, 1999
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