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Allen, Texas
I gave some of your travel sizes products as samples to my friend Jeanette and she says she really likes them. She really likes the cleanser and daily moisturizer. I use the Royal Gold every night under the eyes and on my lips. My lips were so cracked and dry, but are doing 100% better. Have to be prepared when Mr. Perfect comes along, right? 

February 1999
Dallas, Texas
You two are the greatest. Not only such a nice couple to know, but also talented. At least talented in your tastes. Your labels are so pretty and creams so well packed. You do things right. I am enjoying both creams immensely ...  The anti-aging daily moisturizer has a big job ahead. I do know it is helping my skin and I am so glad to have it. 

I am just sorry I didn’t order it sooner. 

Maxine Myers
January 8, 1999
Houston, Texas

I believe I FINALLY found the miracle I have been searching for. You really hit the jackpot with these products. The King's X creme ... works wonders ...

I am also pleased with the vitamins. They don't upset my stomach like most do. Taking six doesn't bother me like I thought it would ...  It is unbelievable how fast these products worked. I am so excited about all these products. I will let you know when I run out. Thank You.

Jill Wallace
Grand Prairie, Texas
Thanks for your prompt service and great products. 
Betty Skinner 
Richardson, Texas
Re: HMS Royal Honey

That's the best honey I've ever tasted!!!

Linda Kunkle
Dallas, Texas

Note:  Royal Relief has been reformulated and is now known as King's X Soothing Creme

The pain in my right hip and leg was killing me. I had tried off the counter products, but most burned and did not help. Thank you for the XXX Royal Relief. I just put XXX Relief on my hip and leg, cover it up, and it makes you go right to sleep.

Alberta Binns
Tyler, Texas

For years I've had a couple of huge sags on my neck, which looked like rooster cones. I experimented with two of the HMS products. I had a trial size of the Royal Gold anti-wrinkle serum which I mixed with theRoyal Beauty Anti-Aging Daily Moisturizer and began applying the mixture daily to my neck. About a week later  I went to a luncheon, and my friends began asking me what happened to my neck. I looked funny, and asked what they meant. They said my bags were gone. Now they're all using HMS products.

Cora Belle Vance
Wills Point, Texas

Thanks for the fast service.

Teresa Millican
Bent Tree, Dallas, Texas

... When I ran out of the Royal Beauty Anti-Aging Daily Moisturizer, I was surprised at  how much I missed it. It's not only the best moisturizer I have ever used, but it's relaxing and refreshing. I consider it my relief creme.  Plus it smells so good that you actually want to eat it. . . Run out again? . . . Never!”

... This is the first year that I have not caught ... in years and I think it's because of the HMS Vitamins (Royal Formula). I've been taking them for two months and have never felt better. My immune system must be in terrific shape."

Dallas, TexasWhat's in these vitamins? I have been taking the HMS Royal Formula for a couple of weeks now, and I promise you I have never had more energy ... I want to order some for my mother.”
Linda Smith
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