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 Allen, Texas
I really enjoy the Concentrated Aloe Vera Juice, believe it or not. 
G. Wallace
December 9, 1998
Darlington, Wisconsin

Now after I've used the HMS Crown products and my friends think I've found the fountain of youth, I’ll tell them the reason why. Thank you so much 

October, 1998

MD Center, Dallas Texas --- Comments by a Surgeon

As a surgeon, I am very particular when it comes to shaving cremes. For years, I only purchased exclusive Neiman Marcus brands. I was recently asked to participate in a product research test for HMS Royal Shave. I can truthfully say that HMS Royal Shave is the best shaving creme I have ever used. It provides the cleanest, closest shave I've ever had while moisturizing the skin. I highly recommend it.

In addition to being an effective anti-wrinkle serum, Royal Gold has some remarkable properties ... To my surprise, Royal Gold was effective ...

I am also very impressed with the HMS Royal Formula  ... vitamin and mineral supplementation is not only necessary, but vital to good health ....

Louis A. Kregel, M.D
MD Center Dallas
Frisco, Texas

I love theRoyal Oats and will be ordering more from you.

Debra Burchett 
Allen, Texas

"Has your King's X made a believer out of my daughter, who's at college in Houston She calls me everyday with a new way of using it ...   The cosmetics are wonderful, absolutely the best moisturizers on the market.  ... I've seen a remarkable difference. Please keep producing these products; they are really in a class all their own."

Gwen Mitchell
Rowlett, Texas

At a bridal shower, I ran into a friend I had not seen for sometime. She kept looking at me oddly. My friend is a high powered executive in the beauty and fashion industry (director of one of the most prestigious spas in the world), and I begin to feel somewhat self conscious. Finally, she said to me “you look utterly fabulous. What have you done . . . cosmetic surgery? New hair style? Lost weight? What?.

I laughed and told her,  'No,  it's HMS – this new skin care line.'

At the time, I had been using HMS anti-aging products for about a month or so, and my skin looked great. Today, my skin looks better now than it did 15 years ago. I feel like a new person. ... And cosmetologists at my friend's spa are now using it on their clients. It's magic stuff."

Sandy Faciane
MD Center, Dallas, Texas

I am a nutritional counselor and worked with a M.D. in Dallas. When the office staff was  first introduced to HMS products, they were using another very expensive skin care line, but agreed to try HMS's  Half and Half Test – their  products on one side of  their faces and HMS Royal Gold and Royal Beauty on the other for one week. The doctor was the only one who followed the test procedure religiously. After a day or so, the others had all switched to HMS exclusively, but the doctor persevered in the half and half experiment. At the end of the week, the doctor's face literally appeared lopsided. It was the most dramatic difference any of us had ever seen in any skin care product line. For us, that was the end of all other skin care products except HMS. HMS is indeed magic.” 

Susan Bullock

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