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Did I ever tell you how I found out about HMS?  I was surfing the net one day about 5 or 6 years ago and I came across your site.  I saved it and then ordered a few months later.  Everyone who sees me tell me how beautiful and young looking my skin is.  I get complements from strangers where ever I go. 
R Eberlein
Hubbard Lake, MI
Tulsa, Oklahoma
I have been using the moisturizer and the serum.  I absolutely love that stuff.  I had my sister try yesterday.  She loves it too.  She is 50 with dry skin.  I want to get her some as a gift. 
Jan Fox
July 30, 2007
Arlington, Texas
I just finished Cowboys and Catalans. It is  interesting how this writer is on one hand flippant, and the next filling in the reader on important histories and sites. It was an enjoyable read. Thank you.
Ann K
Arlington, TX
July 23, 2007
Taos, New Mexico
I saw a friend of mine after 2 years and she raved about my skin and  asked if I had had anything done to it and I said no. Then she asked  what i use and I told her of your products. She is very interested and she is in her 60's. I suggest you send  samples to her, as another woman also raved about my skin( this  all happened at a party.) This friend, Janelle , asked if this products of yours are non comedigenic, which of course I have no idea.
. . . She was an actress in  NY when younger. She is retired here in Taos.
Countess Ines Cabbarus
Taos, NM
July 23, 2007
I always appreciate your excellent service and extremely speedy delivery. Kind regards,
Selma Sundholm
Brunswick, Australia
June 14, 2007
Fort Worth, Texas
I really like the new Royal Gold Pump - it dispenses just the right amount.  Good Idea!   By the way, I also pour the Oil Free Cleanser into a plastic bottle with a flip-top "squirt" lid.   Might be another good Pump idea (or some type thereof) for that product. 
Gwen Mitchell
Fort Worth, TX
May 2, 2007
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Good morning!!! 
 Just wanted to touch base and let you know that I am truly enjoying your products!! I was apprehensive about the 99$ bottle of lotion.  But it is well worth it!!! I'm excited about what my skin will look like when I'm ready to order a new bottle!!! I certainly will be ready for spring and summer wear with your lotions and the seven minute work out that I told you about.  They both WORK!!  Yeah!!

 . . . Oh, my neighbor is still extremely happy with the royal shave.  I'll see my brother this wkend and check out his face and see how he is liking it.  I love it on my legs. I think Jay uses it all over his face after shaving.  He's funny, but it is really softing his beard and face.

I gave my mother a bottle of King'sX and rubbed her down with it the first night.(back, legs, arms and all) She slept like a baby and woke up not sore at all.  We had worked in her yard that day and you know how winter mm's can be after first work-out.  She was suprised that she wasn't sore.

I'm still working on her to use the royal face line.  She's kind of stuborn.  I asked her if my face didn't look better and she (being a good mother) said your face has always looked good.  I'll keep trying.

Kim Mc
Oklamhoma City
April 3, 2007
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