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HMS Crown Customer Critiques
 Henderson, North Carolina
"I just want to thank you so many times over for the wonderful HMS package ... My goodness! It is like Hannuka and Christmas and all come true! ... I love everything ... By the way I cleansed my face and put on Royal Weekend for starters. Now my skin is shinning, it is just gorgeous. I knew my skin was so thirsty for Royal Weekend; it is not overly moist on me; it is just perfect. 

Again, thank you. I know I will be an HMS customer for life. Thank you and Blessings."

Sheila K.
Henderson, NC
Febrary 7, 2007
Chicago, Illinois
Hello, my name is ST and I live in Chicago, I just wanted to send this e-mail thanking you for such great products.  I use the royal gold serum as well as the royal beauty moisturizer and they are great, especially with this bitter cold.  I wanted to mention that I've been having problems with acne, I never had problems when I was younger I don't know why now, but I have noticed that when ever I start picking on my pimples and they get irritated I cleanse my face and put on the serum (at night) and it seems to sooth and brings down the swelling by the morning,. This might not work for everyone but it helps me, I now that this is not made for acne but there is something in this serum that helps.  You would think that because the serum is oil based, it would get worse but it doesn't and I have very oily skin.
Sophia T
Chicago, IL
February 5, 2007
Wichita Falls, Texas
I think my friend Naomi is really happy with some travel sizes she received. She had used it for four days and hadn't told her boy friend, and he said for some reason she looked so much younger.  So you might have made a satisfied customer.  I hope so. 
Bee T
Wichita Falls, TX
January 1, 2007
Mansfield, Texas
I love the convenience of the pump, and I can say that I prefer the consistency of your new Royal Gold Serum formula and the way it feels on your skin when you apply it. It's very silky. You must have changed the ingredients to make the formula thicker. I definitely think the pump 
was a good decision.
Joan M
Mansfield, TX
Decermber 8, 2006
By the way, I absolutely love your beautiful HMS products.  Whether it is purely psychological or otherwise I already feel my skin is responding.  This is exciting for me because the condition of my skin, since my teens (I am now 33) has been "problematic" - dull, blemished, excessively oily in parts and dehydrated under the eyes and across the checks.  It's just lovely to present to the world a happy healthy face.  Thanks so much, with love and gratitude,  Tina.

P.S. HMS offers exemplary service.  Sincerely appreciated

Tina Taylor
Spring Hill, Australia
November 25, 2006
Petaluma, CA
"Hi Susan, this is Marysue with Nutrimeds.

Thank you so much for the products that you sent me. They really do work exactly the way you said they would. I just love them. 

The odd thing was I do not watch much TV but I ended up seeing two commercials for some very expensive stuff that claimed in two to three months you'd see a difference,  but with your stuff I saw a difference right away, the very first time I used them.

I placed an order for a couple of other things and I'll work my way through your whole line ... I look forward to talking with you again sometime. 

Marysue Venables
Petaluma, CA
October 8, 2006
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