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HMS Crown Customer Critiques
 Tyler, Texas
I love all your products, especially Royal Beauty and Royal Body. It's a pleasure doing buiness with you. Love, Cora Belle
Cora Belle Vance
Tyler, TX
October 3, 2006
Pittsfield, Massachusetts
I don't believe my 1st email went thru...if so this is a duplicate.
I was writing to inquire about wholesale pricing on the oil free facial cleanser...I am working on my candle and gift website and I wanted to add that product. I won't use anything else and have been using it for quite some time as you know. Also the fresh and tone.
Vera Cartier
Pittsfiled, MA
September 27, 2006
Southlake, Texas
I wish you charged more! I accustomed to paying a lot more for good skin care. I feel like I am stealing! (only partially kidding) 
Lynn M
Southlake, Texas
September 7, 2006
Southern Pines, North Carolina
Dear Susan,
 I just want to thank you for the "Four for the price of three" on the King's X!  I was surprised when I opened the box yesterday, and very grateful.  And thank you also for the Royal Relief Cream you included.  You have wonderful products, and I'll definitely keep ordering.
Gerri Smith
Southern Pines, NC 
Corvallis, Oregon
Terry , I got the package and I'm thrilled! I read the catalogue cover to cover.I've always had a special interest in skin care, so this is truly of interest and great fun. You and Susan look so very comfortable, like such nice people, and the backgrounds of your photos say so much about you.

I have an "instant success" to report already. I have a pair of sandals that triggered painful heal cracks when I walked far in them, which did finally clear up, but now I only used the sandals when I'm not taking a walk. Yesterday however I did walk in them, and last night I was having shooting pains and a feeling of inflammation in the area where the heal crack develops. I put on the body moisturizer and the discomfort cleared up almost instantly and has stayed cleared.

I put the facial products on this morning and am looking forward to the results. With the diet changes and the cold showers and this, I should have the skin of a 10 year old soon. ;)

Also I DEEPLY appreciated the Joe Vitale article. I had some knowledge of the concept presented from studying Huna, but never in the way described inthe article. I only wish there was much more written about it; it needs a
book. Do you have that article on your site? I'd like to send it to someother people.

Aloha, thank you, blessings, so very nice to know you!

V Rapheles
Corvallis, OR
August 3, 2006
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