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HMS Crown Customer Critiques
 Comfort, Texas
To HMS Crown, Inc. 
Dear Terry and Susan,  A short note of thanks.  Just when I thought it couldn't get better, you've come up with a new miracle. 
I have used your Royal Gold Serum for many, many years and have been completely satisfied with the results. 
Then here you come with a new product dispensor.  Now, I Love it even more.  No accidental spills, not getting too much on my fingers and not on my face, and never having to warm it in hot water (praying the top was on tight).  The pump dispensor eliminates all these things.  Thank you so much for coming up with a way to make my favorite skin care product even better.  I guess I think of it as going from "perfect" to "more perfect". . .and I didn't even know "more perfect" could exist.  Thank you for you continued care and improvements in your products. 
Ms M May
Comfort, TX
May 26, 2006
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Hi Suzi,
This is a testimonial for HMS Crown. You know over the time Iíve known you and Terry, what . . .now itís already been four years . . . I depend upon the fact that you carefully select the ingredients that go into your products, and that you closely monitor the quality as well.

My favorite of course is the Gold Serum . . .use it all the time and love the new closed air pump.

Following your suggestion for weekend renewal with Royal Beauty, I find is a treat to my skin and I love the sense that even if I am busy at home on a Saturday, I can feed my skin all day long.

And behind it all Suzi, is the fact that you and Terry make yourself personally available to your customers.
It was great to just drop in on you and Terry when I lived near you in Taos. Weíve had some mighty interesting conversations.

Marty Kleva
Santa Fe, NM
May 28, 2006
Harrison, Maine
Good morning,  I got the royal gold yesterday. I love this stuff.
Katrina Paglierani
Harrison, Maine
May 24, 2006
Taos, New Mexico
I want an oz. of serum and a n oz. of royal gold creme.  Just a repeat of my last order, at the sales price.  Thanks!
By the way, I love (!!!) the new dispenser serum bottle!  It's just great! 
Kika Allred
Taos, NM
April 26, 2006
Taos, New Mexico
Just wanted to report on the new Olive Leaf Crème & the new Serum pump - I LOVE the pump and not having to heat it!!!  To my surprise, I didn't need to "prime" it at all - The serum came out immediately - Perhaps altitude related????????  At any rate, it is WONDERFUL!!!!  The texture is different - How much of this should I use, as compared to how much I was using with the bottle??????  I was using an ounce/month of the bottle.  I was thinking of ordering some for my little Aunt down in Beaumont - When we've sent her Serum in the past, she kept saying that she wished she didn't have to heat it. This is perfect.
Cindy Deering
Taos, NM
April 25, 2006
Santa Cruz, California 
Dearest Terry,
Thank you so much for your concern regarding my prostate cancer. your encouragement and suggestions have been so benificial to me going through this journey. Your information have been, what i believe, a substancial assistance to my complete recovery and health.
I also appreciated very much your "miracle" beauty products such as the Gold Serum or Royal Gold, and the
Non Surgical Face Lift. They have made a distinct difference in my appearance and outlook on life.
Best Regards,
Jeff N
Santa Cruz, CA
March 12, 2006
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