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HMS Crown Customer Critiques
 Angel Fire, New Mexico

I started using HMS Crown products about 4 years ago...I answered a blind ad in a newspaper about an anti-aging serum that really worked and to call for a FREE sample...So I did!  At their suggestion, I used the serum on one side 
of my face, and my regular product on the other side.  In less than 2 weeks, I started to notice that the lines around my eyes, across my forehead, and from my nose to my mouth were slowly disappearing!  I couldn't believe it! 
Needless to say, I went back and bought more of the serum!  I use it regularly, every day. at least once a day!  Have for 4 years now! 

About a  year ago I ran into a friend that I hadn't seen in several years and she asked me if I had a facelift! I told her NO! Absolutely Not!  I owe it all to HMS Crown's Anti Aging Serum!  She couldn't believe that a "cosmetic" could make such a difference in someone's overall skin appearance!  By the way, I am 52 years old and have been a smoker for 40 years - with no signs of smoking aging on my face!

HMS Crown Non-Surgical Facelift
After I started using the Anti-Aging Serum from HMS Crown, I was so impressed with their products that I started trying some of their other products.  The next product I tried is the Twice A Week Non-Surgical Facelift - it's basically a mask.  I have been plagued with moderate acne all my life, largely due to the fact that I have oily skin and large pores.  As a result, I had a very rough texture to my facial skin and pock mark scaring from the acne.   I started using this "mask" on a regular basis and have seen a DRAMATIC change in the texture and quality of my skin.  I am no 
longer plagued by acne break outs, my skin is smoother in texture, my pores are much smaller and even the pock marks are slowly disappearing!  It's even lessening the aging lines on my face!  With regular use, this "mask" has 
become a god send!  I will use this product for the rest of my life!  I just wish I could have discovered it sooner! (like 40 years ago when I was in puberty's blush!

HMS Crown Royal Beauty Anti-Aging Daily Moisturizer
I have had oily skin all my life, but living in the very dry climate in the mountains of Northern New Mexico has taken it's toll on my skin!  It's very hard to moisturize your skin with an average humidity of 10-15%!  For the first time in my LIFE, using this daily moisturizer has corrected my oily skin, and provided me with a facial skin that feels soft, moist and wonderful to touch!  It's the only moisturizer that I use because it's the only one that works!

HMS Crown Almond Facial Scrub
I use HMS Crown's Almond Facial Scrub so regularly that I keep it in my shower!  It makes a wonderful cleanser for deep down cleaning.  Having had oily skin and acne all my life (I'm 52 now), cleaning my skin and keeping it clean has always been a challenge for me.  With this product, I know that I am cleaning gently but deep down into the pores, and at the same time I am removing the dead skin cells that cause problems like older looking skin, grey skin, wrinkles and a multitude of other problems!  My skin always looks fresh, clean and invigorated!  Thank You HMS Crown!

Peggy Staley
Angel Fire, New Mexico
March 4, 2006
Beverly Hills, California
. . . Your  products have been skin saving. You know I am particularly fond of the gold - a little goes such a long way to erase lines and the muscle cream makes my hiking up hills even more of a joy - I never have an ache no matter how hard I push myself and my skin stays soft and smooth.

Thank you so much for your continued research and generosity in sharing it with us all. 

Denise Demaras
Beverly Hills
January 26, 2006
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