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The HMS Crown Story

From 1970 to 1976 Terry Turner, formulator of the HMS Crown products, owned and operated Rio Caliente, a health spa and resort on the banks of a hot river near Guadalajara, Mexico. He worked with botanists, herbalists, other naturopaths, and curanderos on natural and herbal blends which became the basis for the HMS Crown formulations today. Following his return to the United States, he continued to experiment with new methods of sequencing and emulsifying natural ingredients in skin care formulations in order to achieve rich matrixes which would provide a maximum and long lasting super hydration-like experience.

In 1996, he found his answer with the development of Royal Gold Serum. His wife Susan had seen a vision of this product, which he had been working on for years. The first batch ever made was a dirty gray color and had an odor.

"It has to be gold," Susan said. In his search for gold, Dr Turner had a serendepity type of experience. The combination of the natural ingredients that produced a gold color was what was needed to magnify the effectiveness of the serum on skin. The results were amazing. Dry skin was immediately hydrated; puffiness disappated; elasticity improved; lines and wrinkles diminshed. Royal Gold contains the secret to not only help reduce and prevent signs of aging, but to rapidly produce immediate visible results. 

HMS formulations represent an exclusive line of skincare products packed full of nutrients and ingredients from only the most premium sources. After more than 30 years of research and development, HMS Crown's Royal Gold has come to the fore as one of the world's best kept secret for beautiful radiant skin.

For more information on the history, philosophy, and development of HMS Crown products, see Skin Care and Anti-Aging Secrets.

People Are Talking

People that have used HMS products do not want to use others. There is automatic brand loyalty because of the amazing results. When HMS Crown made the decision in early 2011 to become a one product company and sell Royal Gold only, customers began to protest, but nearly all agreed that the one product that they would never want to be without is Royal Gold Serum. See what they have to say in our testimony section.

Glorify Your Skin

Compare the HMS Crown's Royal Gold Anti Aging Serum to Borghese, Lancome, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Clientele, or any other product line. You’ll find that Royal Gold stands head and shoulders above all others, because it works and we unconditionally guarantee it -- 110%! But don't take anyone else's word for it. Test it yourself.

Half and Half Test: If you are using any other moisturizer or wrinkle product, no matter how expensive or how well advertised, apply Royal Gold to one side of your face and apply the products you normally use to the opposite side for five days. Then examine yourself in the mirror and you will see why people prefer HMS CrRoyal Gold. They are incomparable.

Or, the Quick Test: Do not use any wrinkle, fine line products, or moisturizers for one day. The next morning apply Royal Gold followed to one side of your face and your regular products to the other. You will be able to see the HMS superiority immediately.

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