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Royal Gold Serum
the best, most effective beauty product you'll ever use
now available in beautiful airless pump
Backed by a 110% Money Back Guarantee

1 oz Professional Size and 
1/2 oz Size Royal Gold Serum

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(In the Airless Pump, warming bottle is no longer necessary)
Royal Gold Available in Six Sizes . . . because you requested it
Discover the Secret of Royal Gold!
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No matter what you wear . . . 
when you skin looks great, you look great!

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Because HMS Crown is so proud of this miraculous best selling product, we proudly offer a 110% money back unconditional guarantee. If for any reason you are not totally satisfied, we will refund your product purchase price plus 10%. More than 25 years in development. we sincerely believe, as evidenced by our 99.999% customer satisfaction ratio, that Royal Gold is absolutely the very best age defying skin care product and moisturizer ever created. No one and no product can reverse chronological age but esthetic excellence can make you feel younger and make your skin look and feel younger. We all must deal with age, but there is no reason not to look younger ---- Royal Gold Serum helps you do that, and we guarantee it, unconditionally, or receive your money back plus ten percent.

See Visible Results Instantly

Royal Gold Serum, often described as a magic potion, is the most effective when used alone; but if you prefer to use a cream moisturizer, it enhances and accentuates all other facial moisturizers. For the best results, use Royal Gold Serum first; then apply any other facial moisturizer or foundation. In spite of winter drying, summer heat, desert or mountain conditions, you will have moist, smooth, supple youthful feeling skin while reducing the appearance of sags, lines, or wrinkles --- when you apply it you will see a more youthful vibrancy immediately and when you look in the mirror, you'll know that you and your skin deserve this royal product.

Unlike many faddish cosmetics which freeze the skin and give only short temporary improvement, Royal Gold helps your skin feel and look firmer, more supple, and velvety soft, now and for the long term. Many of our established users say they experience their skin as being radiant.

HMS Crown's Royal Gold Serum is not a cosmetic cover up but but an exceptional skin hydrating system based on a perfect matrix of moisturizing conditioners unconditionally guaranteed to give you the most beautiful skin ever.

What is Royal Gold?

Royal Gold, an amazingly incredible golden serum, feels like a rare and precious oil but is virtually oil free. It naturally combats, relieves, and helps protect against environmentally induced aging. It directly targets the appearance of age to soften, smooth, and soothe the skin, thereby diminishing the appearance of wrinkles while restoring a youthful radiant tone and feel to the skin.

This exclusive concept helps revivify your skin, which will look and feel more energized than it may have felt in years. The unique system of topical lifters creates a long lasting super hydrated-feeling environment for your skin. Experience lavish moisturizing elements and sustained protection throughout the day. 

The synergistic effect of this superior moisturizer results in the look and feel of firmer, smoother, younger, more supple skin. Every time you use Royal Gold Serum your skin will experience a surge that helps smooth away your lines and wrinkles and it is long lasting.

You will see a difference in minutes or return any unused portion of Royal Gold Serum for full refund plus 10%. Royal Gold blends beautifully with foundation and make-up and will cause an inexpensive foundation to look rich.

Note: If you use Royal Gold on a regular basis, in time you may find yourself not wearing make-up or foundation. Your skin may soon look better without makeup. Many HMS Crown clients have abandoned the use of makeup because they no longer need it.

The World's Best Moisturizer: Royal Gold Serum

Hypothetically, if  you could use only one skin care product in your life, Royal Gold Serum would decisively be the one to use for beautiful luxurious skin. It is one product you will never want to be without. Royal Gold Serum is the crown jewel of the HMS Crown product line and it is a jewel you and your skin deserve. A few drops a day of this incredible serum perfectly complements and magnifies the effect of all other moisturizing creams.  Royal Gold Serum is best when used alone, but it may be applied before any moisturizing creme, or used after a face lift masque, and the effect will be greatly enhanced. 

You'll have more beautiful skin today. Guaranteed.

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