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Royal Glove

Hand Moisturizer and Protectant
Royal Glove Hand

It's Back ... by Popular Demand

2 oz jar . . . just $16.95

Royal Glove is not your ordinary hand creme. It is a hand moisturizer and protectant that literally serves as an invisible shield for your skin against environmental harm. It is designed to wrap your hands in soothing comfort while you perform your daily tasks. Think of it as an invisible glove.It is professional strength and lasts up to four hours.

Our promise to you is that there is no better hand creme. 
We guarantee it with a a full money back guarantee. 

If you are a quilter, woodworker, plumber, dentist, artist, mechanic, beautician, barber, cook, bank teller, cashier, homemaker, or any person whose hands are challenged in the daily course of life and work, you deserve Royal Glove... treat yourself and your hands royally.

Professionally formulated with Whole Leaf Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and many other nutrients, Royal Glove helps soothe dry, cracked, and chapped skin. Royal Glove is non toxic, non greasy, odorless, and seems to absorb immediately.

Your hands will love it --- you have our 100% Royal Glove money back guarantee.

Please refer product questions to HMS Crown at the following link: 


Satisfaction Unconditionally Guaranteed

You'll have more beautiful hands now. Guaranteed.
Royal Glove
Full Size two ounces