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Royal Gold Serum Ant Aging Serum 

Serum for Men

Summer Gold

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Royal Velvet - Sculpting, Tightening, Clarifying, Anti Aging Creme  (New)

Royal Beauty Anti Aging Day Moisturizer 
            (Back by popular demand)

Royal Beauty Anti Aging Night Moisturizer       

Royal Glove Hand Protectant


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Royal Choice

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Your skin will look better the first time you use HMS Crown's anti aging serum and moisturizers

Why HMS Crown Royal Gold Serum and Royal Class Moisturizers? ... because we believe and more than 90% of our customers believe that even in tough economic times, they are the products you can not do without. 
Royal Gold Serum is the secret to HMS Crown'sRoyal Gold  exclusive line of highly effective anti aging skin products. This unique anti aging serum works wonders when used alone, but if you prefer to use in conjunction with a cream moisturizer, we have the best -- Royal Beauty Anti Aging Day Moisturizer, Royal Beauty Night and Royal Velvet - all marvelously rich emollients. Royal Gold, packed full of vitamins, minerals, EFAs, and essential oils, is highly penetrative and will enhance the effects of our extraordinary cream moisturizers.  That is why that after more than 30 years of research and development, Royal Gold is coming to the fore as the world's best kept secret for beautiful skin.

The reason for this increased visibility is that Royal Gold visibly works. It helps skin appear youthful, healthy, and vibrant and delivers immediate results. You will see a visible difference immediately.

royal_beauty_day_moisturizerPresident's Choice is a great way to get started - combines Royal Gold with Royal Beauty Anti Aging Day Moisturizer. It is perfect for daily use and immediately following the non surgical Face LiftPremixed Face Lift.
... but if you prefer a richer anti aging cream similar to the old Royal Gold Creme and Imperial Creme, you should opt for the Queen's Choice - includes Royal Gold Serum, Royal Beauty Day and the new
Royal Beauty Anti Aging Night Moisturizer marvelous nighttime sculpting and firming cream or the Royal Choice - includes Royal Gold Serum and Royal Velvet, the all in one moisturizing, sculpting, tightening, clarifying anti aging cream.