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How to Get Every Last Drop

Please note that these airless pumps have a very good performance rate but a fractional percentage of them may tend to loose their vacuum and stop working, especially as you approach the end. Under most conditions you can quickly correct the loss of vacuum with a toothpick, or a straightened paper clip, or any similar small, thin object. 

To restore vacuum,  lift the whole pump straight up so that you can see the bottom of the pump. 
You should see a small hole in the bottom of the base of the pump. Holding the pump straight, with the top up, firmly push a toothpick or a straightened paper clip, through the hole in the base and push upwards. 

When you push it should drive the base of the pump upwards, toward the head of the pump and that movement should force out any air that got into the pump and caused the loss of vacuum.

If this fails to restore the vacuum or you are close to the end, don't worry. You can access every last drop. 
There is a small clear seal on the top edge of your pump, which helps keep the head of the pump from becoming loose. You can remove that small seal and, once it is removed, you can unscrew the top of the pump from the base. 

Once the top of the pump is off, you can warm the bottle slightly to help get out the very rich and thick residue at the bottom of the pump. You can either attempt to restore the vacuum again or you can use a straw. wooden spatula, Q-tip, or clean hands to access the remaining serum. You won't lose a drop.

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