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President's Choice

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President's Choice - On Sale for $41.97 and free shipping in USA
(Regularly $69.95)

In your President's Choice Package, you will receive a 
1/2 oz airless pump of the best selling Royal Gold Serum and 
a 1.25 oz jar of Royal Beauty Anti Aging Day Moisturizer

Royal Beauty Anti-Aging Day Moisturizer 
and Royal Gold Serum
the perfect combination for beautiful skin

If you want beautiful skin that glows with a radiant vitality and if you would like to look younger, these two products are essential. Use daily and results are obviously detectable. In fact friends and family will soon notice the change. You will begin to hear comments like -- "you look great, uh have you lost weight? Is that a new hair style? or what are you doing differently"?

Royal Gold Anti-Wrinkle Serum and Royal Beauty are HMS Crown's best selling products, and we are so convinced of the effectiveness that we proudly offer a 110% guarantee. If you do not find that these two skincare products are the most effective you have ever used or witness a dramatic improvement in the condition and appearance of your skin, just let us know and we will refund the purchase price plus 10%.  Our customer satisfaction ratio is currently 99.999%

So fast and easy to use .. but what a difference!
A few drops of Royal Gold Serum followed by Royal Beauty Anti-Aging Day Moisturizer each morning will improve the way your skin looks within days if not instantly. See for yourself. Just look in the mirror. Don't you look great?

If you are at all skeptical, take a scientific approach and do the Half and Half Test. Use Royal Gold and Royal Beauty on one half of your face and any other premium skincare brand on the other half for one week. We know of only one person -- an MD -- who persisted for a complete week  . . . with a rather lopsided face. The rest of his staff switched from a more expensive cosmetic line to HMS Crown products by the third day. Try the test for yourself. If you are not satisfied, return the products for a 110% refund.
Royal Beauty is an anti-aging daily moisturizer and is the absolute best daily moisturizing creme on the market today. Its silky texture combines with super rich emollient and conditioners to create a marvelous experience which not only provides maximum moisture but leaves your skin feeling, tighter, smoother, silkier and definitely with a radiant, youthful glow.

You will see and feel the effect from the very first application. Used alone or in conjunction with Royal Gold Serum, Royal Beauty Anti Aging Day Moisturizer will provide you with the maximum glow of youth. 

Use Royal Beauty morning and night for the most beautiful complexion you've ever had (regardless of age). 

Royal Gold Serum, as evidenced by our 99.999% customer satisfaction ratio, is absolutely the very best age defying skin care product and moisturizer ever created. No one and no product can reverse chronological age but esthetic excellence can make you feel younger and make your skin look, feel, and appear much more youthful. We all must deal with age, but there is no reason not to look younger ---- Royal Gold Serum helps you do that, and we guarantee it, unconditionally, or receive your money back plus ten percent.  You will see visible results instantly

Royal Gold Serum, often described as a magic potion, enhances and accentuates all other facial and body moisturizers. For the best results, use Royal Gold Serum first; then apply any other facial or body moisturizer. (We recommend Royal Beauty, Royal Weekend, or Royal Gold Creme). In spite of winter drying, summer heat, desert or mountain conditions, you will have moist, smooth, supple youthful feeling skin while reducing the appearance of sags, lines, or wrinkles --- when you apply it you will see a more youthful vibrancy immediately and when you look in the mirror, you'll know that you and your skin deserve this royal product. 

Have more beautiful skin today. Guaranteed.

President's Choice
1.25 oz Glass jar Royal Beauty Anti Aging Day Moisturizer and 1/2 oz Royal Gold Serum
On Sale for $41.97 and free shipping ($106 when purchased separately)

Premium Skin Care Products Made in America! 
Quality Guaranteed


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