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110% Money Back Guarantee
on Royal Gold Serum

Based on our continuing 99.999% level of customer satisfaction, we now back world famous Royal Gold Serum with a 110% money back guarantee. Total satisfaction is guaranteed or your purchase price will be returned PLUS ten percent.

First of all HMS Crown, Inc., can make such a guarantee because Royal Gold Serum has been a best seller for over a decade, although it took approximately 30 years to develop.  Our customers (all of our customers) are 99.999% satisfied that this product is what we claim, that it works as described, and furthermore they tell us. (Click here for testimonials on Royal Gold Serum)

HMS Crown currently has stacks of unsolicited letters of thanks from clients all over the world. These letters, emails, and phone calls thanking us for this great serum just keep coming in and assuring us that "Royal Gold is magical, the finest product they ever used and one that they would never want to be without."

You've purchased cosmetics all your life, now buy something that actually works!

Susan Turner personally guarantees your satisfaction 

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