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Look Younger Now!
Royal Gold Serum

the Anti-Aging and Anti-Wrinkle Serum that Truly Works!

by Terry Turner
Product Designer

Many people have asked me to explain why Royal Gold Serum is the best product to immediately change the feeling and appearance of the skin by giving it a more youthful glow and why continued use results in better feeling and  better looking skin.

First of all, I cannot easily answer the question because it is very complex. I am providing the best explanation I can below. But, please remember, my opinion is based on almost a third of a century working with spa guests from all around the world. People who frequent spas are generally concerned about skin and hair, and I have been addressing their concerns for many years. Many of my theories were developed while working with my guests and clients at Spa Rio Caliente in old Mexico, near Guadalajara, in the state of Jalisco.

If you want more youthful looking, more supple skin with a renewed vibrancy, I guarantee you can have it if you will try my unconditionally guaranteed product.

I have the perfect product to assure you that your skin will feel revivified, rejuvenated, and more youthful that it may have felt in years.

I guarantee you that my product will work for you in an amazing way, painlessly, quickly, and easily. I guarantee you that it will produce visible results immediately and I back up my claims with a one hundred and ten percent (110%) money back guarantee.

What I am promising you is that you can look better not within minutes, but within seconds. And there is no expensive surgery involved, no painful needles or poisons, no acid peeling, no scraping, no burning, and no extreme exfoliation. All I am going to ask of you is that you just clean your face and simply apply a few drops of HMS Crown's Royal Gold Serum twice a day, morning and night, for thirty days. 

Not only is it that simple, but you will see results WITHIN SECONDS, not minutes, but within seconds --- and it will keep on performing for you, day after day, night after night... I guarantee it.

Now you are probably wondering what this serum is and how I can make a 110% money back guarantee to support my claims.

First of all I can make such a guarantee because it took over twenty years of concept and design or formula attempts to bring this product to the market --- many years of working with a variety of of cosmetic chemists. We have now been selling the serum for over a decade (although it took about 25 years to develop it) and my customers, all of my customers, are 99.999% satisfied that my product is what I claim, that it works as described, and they tell me so. 

Right now, on my desk, here in “Little Switzerland,” in the mountains of the Western Slope of the Colorado Rockies, I have a stack of unsolicited letters of thanks from clients all over the world. Letters, emails, and phone calls thanking me for this great serum just keep coming in and telling me that this is the finest product they ever used. Later I will quote from a few of these letters but, for the moment, just let me quote one of these to you. 

“… All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you.  Not only are you selling superior quality products, you also offer superior quality customer relations.  It is apparent your customers are important.  A company that sells a product that REALLY does what it guarantees, what a concept!  I salute your integrity!  Again - Thank you – JT May 03 2002.”

I am sure you can see that Janice was a very happy client when she dropped me that note … and let me stress that I have folders full of such testimonials. 

This amazing serum, called Royal Gold Serum, and sold only by HMS Crown, as I mentioned earlier was about 25 years in its development and many unusual events came into play in order for me to be able to bring the world's greatest moisturizer and skin nutrient to you.

Events and ingredients that literally spanned the world had to coalesce before Royal Gold Serum could be brought to your vanity table ... and that is just the beginning of the story that in the very end required the incessant encouragement and critique of my wife, Susan, to finally create Royal Gold Serum.

There is not time enough here to tell the whole story because it is just too long and complex, but in brief: years ago I operated a health resort in the mountains of old Mexico, in an old volcanic region deep within a forest where we had the benefit of mineral rich hot waters which sprang from a fissure in the mountain. 

There I had the opportunity to work with some of the most notable naturalists in the world --- people who were often my guests or who came with their clients to take advantage of our hot  mineral waters. Working with my clients there on the banks of the hot river, we began to evolve some exceptional crèmes and lotions that later became the foundation concept for many products that I offer today. 

Many retail products do not produce results and the failure to do so may have many and varied reasons,. A common reason that some products do not work is that the ingredients of some products may have such huge molecules, like collagen, that the desired active ingredient acts more like a grease than a moisturizer. Other products may have self-defeating ingredients such as types of mineral oil, a petroleum product, that can actually strip vitamins from your skin. And other products may help you skin look better in the short term, by stripping the surface of your skin, but in the long term this stripping (or burning) technique may cause damage.

Our guarantee to you is that the world's finest anti-wrinkle serum, the best moisturizer in the world, will promote both the instant, short term, and long term improvement of your skin. In fact Royal Gold Serum will do such a great job for you that over time that many of you will not need to wear makeup unless you just want to. 

Many of my clients have long since realized that the vibrant glow created by Royal Gold Serum gives them such a youthful, healthful, vibrant, rosy look that they have no need for foundations or makeup.

All you need to do to change your appearance for the better, instantly, is to order Royal Gold Serum. Just call our toll free number, 1-800-867-7897 or go to our web site,  and order a one ounce bottle of Royal Gold Serum. 

You don't need a whole collection of products. All you need is Royal Gold Serum, it replaces a whole dressing table full of other products. 

Don't forget that Royal Gold Serum is backed by a 110% money back guarantee so there is nothing to lose and absolutely no risk.

If you have not taken care of your skin in recent years, allow me to suggest that you jump start the road to “camera ready skin” by also ordering my super rich, super fabulous Royal Weekend Moisture Pak. The Royal Weekend Moisture Pak is an incredible rich crème designed to be applied very frequently  over a weekend -- or whenever you have time--- to help make your skin feel and look more youthful in a profound way, quickly. This approach would mean alternating Royal Gold Serum with Royal Weekend over a period a couple of days for maximum immediate effect. 

However, unless your skin is in very bad condition, I suggest that you just order the Royal Gold Serum. Normally you will need nothing else to have extraordinarily beautiful and youthful looking skin.

I absolutely and unconditionally guarantee that my Royal Gold Serum will perform as described and that the longer you use it, the better your skin will look. 

Please realize that I am not talking about injecting poisons which paralyze your skin, like certain tox-type products, I am talking about giving your skin a rich bath of complex emollients that will make your skin feel youthful and silky,  and look better day after day, week after week, year after year. 

As a client, JPS, from Devon, England told us in August of 2002,  “… my skin has seen great improvement since using your products. As you know I suffer from ... and ....  makes my skin very dehydrated … the Royal Gold products are the best in the world.”

Or as Mina told us, in February of 2001, “ … (the products) are absolutely amazing …. They are literally illuminating…”

And here is a note from Katherine who was preparing for a wedding in Egypt in May of 2003, “  My girlfriend was over this weekend and I haven't seen her since I started using your products and she was beside herself with envy - noticed my skin right away and said I didn't even need to wear makeup anymore (I'm not sure I concur because I need a little color to add some zip if you know what I mean). So there you go, it's confirmed. In fact, she wants to get some things herself and after looking at your brochure asked for me to recommend her …”

As you gather, we ship world wide.

I could share many more testimonials with you, of course, pages and pages of them. But I also know that you can only be assured of the performance of a product not by my word, nor by the words of my clients, but only by using the product and seeing the results for your self.

I want to conclude this explanation by telling you just a couple of things that I hope will impress you. First, I am happy to tell you that we retain most of our clients and, in fact, I am glad to say that we retain the very first client (as of now, March 2007) that ever used Royal Gold Serum. Second, my wife, Susan, uses only our products and she has extraordinarily beautiful skin -- every one comments on Susan's skin. And, this is the ultimate testimonial: Many members of my own family and many of my in-laws use my products. And, believe me, selling anything to family members is a tough job and one filled with super critics, but Royal Gold Serum has even passed the in-law and family test.

Please do yourself a favor and take advantage of totally extraordinary Royal Gold Serum. Do it today, look better in seconds. I personally guarantee it.

And I guarantee you will never regret it. I would suggest that you order an ounce immediately, and I would recommend that you continue to use Royal Gold twice daily for a month. I promise you, I guarantee you,  that you will be pleasantly surprised.

Please do not hesitate to call me with questions at 1-800-867-7897.

Be camera ready, every day,

Terry Turner

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