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Anti Aging Skin Care: Daily Program
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The Royal Ritual with Royal Gold

Anti Aging Daily Program --- Glorify Your Skin

The Easiest Skin Care Regime Ever - Look Younger Now
Way back in 1998 when HMS Crown Inc. made its debut on the Internet, we introduced the Daily Royal Ritual for your skin to look younger, healthier, and more supple. At that time, we were recommending a five to six step procedure calling for several products to be used on a daily basis. 

Today, we know all you need is a 1 step program: the simplest, easiest program ever for achieving glorious, radiant skin. Royal Gold is the only product you will ever need.


    Shake Royal Gold or run vial under warm tap water if necessary before shaking. The airless pump does not require shaking or warming. (Royal Gold Serum,  when cold, may gel; warm slightly to restore fluidity).
    Condition with Royal Gold Anti Wrinkle Serum

    To clean skin, apply Royal Gold (with finger tips or Q-tip) around eyes, over lips, to lines, sags, wrinkles, and any imperfections. Because Royal Gold is very rich, a few drops will cover the entire face and neck. 

    NOTE:  If you wear makeup, Royal Gold blends beautifully with most moisturizing creams and any foundation. After applying makeup, lightly brush with loose translucent powder. Then spray face with water to set makeup and keep it fresh looking for hours. Do not touch face for a minute or so or until it dries. You'll be beautiful all day.
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