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Royal Treatment Hair Conditioner
used by world class stylists in premiere salons: Beverly Hills, Dallas, Las Vegas, New York

4 oz Jar (32 to 64 treatments)

Sold Out. New Inventory Scheduled on Product Approval

Royal Treatment Hair Conditioner literally restores youthful fullness and  beautiful shine to the hair. It does not merely coat dead limp hair like so many products, it actually performs topical magic. Multiple conditioners combine to produce a vibrant, manageable hair with natural body and a beautiful shine. Use it once and you will be amazed. No retail shelf product can compare.

Royal Treatment Hair Conditioner helps overcome dry, tired, dull, lifeless  looking hair. Your hair will neither be dry nor oily, but thick, soft, and luxurious to the touch . . . hair that looks as good as it feels.

Royal Treatment Hair Conditioner is simple to use. Simply massage into hair and rinse. For normal to dry hair, use as an instant conditioner following shampoo. If your hair is exceptionally soft, use Royal Treatment first, then shampoo. Either way, you'll have beautiful hair with a luxurious glow.

Royal Treatment is sold only through or in your better salons.

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Updated  March 5, 2008