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Skin Care Formulations by HMS Crown
Look Younger Now

The Evolution of HMS Crown and Its Products
Skin Care and Anti-Aging Secrets

by Terry Turner, 
Product Designer 

Skin Care -- an Introduction to Anti-Aging Products

Skin care products by HMS Crown, Inc. are proprietary concepts and are the outgrowth of decades of research and development. The HMS Crown skin care line has its beginning in a spa located on a hot river in old Mexico, circa 1969, and years have since been invested in the development of the line. 

The basic idea of the skin care line is to select natural components that can be sequenced and combined in such a way as to create what HMS Crown considers a “micronized” product. Our micronized products create a unique hydration-like delivery system based on rich extracts and tropical type micronutrients unconditionally guaranteed to give you the feeling of firmer, more supple, more radiant skin than you could imagine possible. Your own wonderful skin, protected by HMS Crown's micronized system can then continue the work of helping keep your skin fresh and youthful looking. 

We unconditionally guarantee the the first time you use HMS Crown moisturizers, your skin will look and feel better immediately and, if not, we will refund your product purchase, no questions asked as per our unconditional guarantee.

All HMS Crown skin care products are formulated your total immediate and long term satisfaction  as our main objective. And, we are happy to report that we daily receive unsolicited testimonials form our client base telling us that they experience their skin as feeling better and becoming more radiant over time. We feel very confident that the longer you use these products, the better you will look. 

HMS Crown skin care products are made to be used fresh, not to sit on retail shelves for months or even years, before being sold. 

HMS Crown uses only premium raw materials that have, in some cases, been selected after decades of consideration, and to be sure that each product concept is revivifying for your hair, nails,or  skin. 

We know, just as you do, that not every product can work absolutely for every person, however years of experience tells us that the likelihood is that the first time you use HMS Crown products, you will be totally pleased and, if for any reason you are not, your product purchase price is unconditionally guaranteed. 

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