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Skin Care Influences
by Terry Turner 
Product Designer

Adelle Davis and J. I. Rodale

Both Oscar and Genie Urquhart helped me gain a wide basis in the concept of natural health maintenance. They also introduced to me to some of the early great writers in the health movement; giants such as J. I. Rodale, who founded the earlier and more credible version of Prevention Magazine. The early issues of Prevention, founded in 1950, were highly credible and remained so for several years. Today, in my opinion, Prevention Magazine is just a shadow of the invaluable health material that used to appear between its covers under the direction J. I Rodale. 

Through Oscar and Genie Urquhart, I first read Adelle Davis, whom I still regard as one of the world's most important health writers. Her work is an easily followed path for the beginner to develop a foundation for making informed decisions about the promotion of personal health. 

Adelle Davis has helped thousands and thousands of people improve their health and the appearance of their skin and hair. Adelle’s books have taught thousands how to think about cooking, and general health matters. I cannot recommend her too highly and I credit her books with providing me with many of the seed ideas incorporated in my product design work.  I strongly suggest that everyone interested in maintaining good health begin with Adelle’s Let's Get Well in order to get a foundation from which to extend his or her own studies. Were it in my power, I would make it required reading for all physicians and health care professionals. She wrote several books, I recommend all of them, but especially Let's Get Well and Let’s Eat Right to Keep Fit. These books are dated, of course, as they were written in the fifties, but these priceless books can provide a quick foundation for continued reading in the field. 

Lelord Kordel, Earl Mindell, and Durk Pearson

In the Urquhart’s library and based on their suggestions, I found ample reading by other famous writers such as Earl Mindell, the legendary Lelord Kordel, Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw of Life Extension fame, and many others. My reading in the field began around 1955 or so continues to this day and perforce will continue to the end of my life. Due to the rapid changes that occur as a result of wide spread research and new technology; one must continue reading and investigation on a daily basis. Susan, my wife, and I do a significant amount of reading and research every day --- both in print and via the internet. It is this continuous reading and investigation, which allows us to stay abreast of developments that can used to adjust existing HMS Crown products or create new ones as required to be sure that you, can have the most effective skin care possible. And, of course, it is out of this research that Susan edits and writes articles for the media.  

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Updated March 15, 2007
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