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Skin Care Formulations by HMS Crown
Look Younger Now

Moisturizing Base 
by Terry Turner, Product Designer

My work with crèmes and potions began circa 1969 and continues to this day, though I have not been able to improve on the current product concept for some time. Since most persons experiencing stress tend to have dry skin, it was my early idea to make crèmes or potions in a moisturizing base so that the user could both moisturize dry and irritated skin while at least temporarily soothing his or her discomforts simultaneously. 

Beginning with a moisturizing base that I had developed and which we commonly used for soothing crèmes and lotions, other products naturally suggested themselves. It was not long until I began to have clients request the soothing crème which they used as moisturizer more than for any other purpose. I was not focused on skin care at the time and, actually, not until some years later would I realize that I had a foundation for an incredibly effective skin care line. 

The principal HMS Crown products are known as Royal Beauty Anti- Aging Daily Moisturizer, Royal Weekend, Royal Gold Crème, Royal Gold Anti Wrinkle Serum, Morning Gold, and Banish. These products are incredibly effective for skin care and are so unique that you cannot find similar products in any other skin care line (at least none that I have ever examined, and I have examined hundreds and hundreds of lines in the last two or three decades). These products are only available from HMS Crown and, because of my personal contacts and previous arrangements; there are a very few exclusive spas where you might discover various products from the HMS Crown line. We certainly do not appear on retail shelves (mainly because we find that retail stores are not good at rotating inventory and may allow products to become old).

Uniquely Designed A Drop At A Time

The wonderful skin care products, totally unique to HMS Crown, were only developed because my wife, Susan, was very dissatisfied with the various skin care lines that she regularly tried from Neiman Marcus, and others, in Dallas, Texas. She often complained about the quality of the skin care products and I complained about paying three or four hundred dollars for something that did not work. So it was due to Susan that I began to draw on my previous experiences and laid down the basics for a new moisturizer. In its earliest version, it had an unpleasant grayish color and Susan insisted that she wanted it to look “golden.” Because of her insistence on a golden look, and after a great many trials and errors, Royal Gold Anti Wrinkle Serum was created. I was glad, at last, to have a formula just as she wanted. This and other skin care formulas are proprietary and only available for HMS Crown products.

The effectiveness of the serum and many other HMS Crown products lies in several factors including quality of ingredients, careful sequencing of the formula, patience, lots of patience, and the melding process which involves several temperature adjustments during the melding process and, of course, time. The serum, like many fine products requires time or aging --- a certain time to achieve the ideal state. 

 If you can only do one thing for your skin, let me strongly advise you to invest in at least one ounce of Royal Gold Serum; there is no better choice for your skin and, in the long run, there is no product less expensive to use because it works for you, and it works now, right now --- and it is long lasting.

More Effective with Every Application

 Royal Gold Serum is actually a wonderfully effective moisturizing vehicle for skin care, in fact it is so effective that if you could only purchase one product for your skin care, you should invest in and use only Royal Gold Serum. This fantastic skin care moisturizer is instantly effective and unconditionally guaranteed. You can see an improvement in your skin immediately and over time your skin will look even better and better. Royal Gold Serum is created in a fashion that we call “micronized” meaning that it is meant to immediately deliver a maximum topical hydration-like experience to your skin which will make your skin feel wonderfully supple and more radiant immediately. The longer you use Royal Gold Serum, the better the results will be. No better moisturizer can be found anywhere at any price and we unconditionally guarantee it 110%.
 Abandon Makeup with HMS Crown
 Susan and many of my clients have abandoned the use of makeup altogether because, with Royal Gold Serum skin care, their skin actually looks better without makeup. Among my clients who continue to use makeup, I am told that Royal Gold Serum not only serves them as a great moisturizer but that it actually makes their foundation look better. Several of them have told me that it makes even inexpensive foundations look great. 
To Continue,  :Superior HMS Crown Quality for Skin, Nails, and Hair

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Skin Care Formulations by HMS Crown

Updated March 7, 2007