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Skin Care and Anti-Aging Secrets Continued ..

by Terry Turner 
Product Designer

Aloe Vera and Nopal

When I first went to old Mexico and to the hot river Spa, or Rancho Rio Caliente as it is commonly known, there were many clients there seeking to reinforce their health and it was the needs of these clients that led me to first begin my early work with aloe vera, nopal, and other plants commonly called cactus --- though many of these plants are members of the lily family and are not cacti. Aloe Vera is and had been world famous for centuries, having been commonly used by armies, armies that predated Caesar, and by mothers and herbalists of antiquity for many conditions. Although Aloe Vera was not the ultimate secret for me, the plants of that family did, nevertheless, inspire me a good deal. I also think that there is little that can compare to having your own Aloe Vera plant for your own use.

Perhaps more importantly, I knew that these plants that had learned how to thrive in the hot, dry desert must hold moisturizing secrets for their own protection. These were the fundamentals of moisturizing retention secrets that I felt could benefit people in the form of moisturizing skin care. Early on, I began to make experimental preparations that, over a great many years evolved into a moisturizing  soothing crème. Over the years various versions of that soothing crème evolved and it was variously known long ago, in prior formulations, by many trade names, including EXPAIN, HQZII, and Asperlyn --- today it is only sold as King's X Soothing Crème. 

Soothing Crèmes, and Aromatic Concepts

The work I had done on health during my years in old Mexico, roughly from 1969 to 1975 was dormant for many years. I returned to the USA in late 1975 and, around 1980, due to popular demand from old clients,  I decided to resume manufacturing my soothing crème formulation. I organized a company for that purpose and resumed manufacture of the soothing crème which, over time, had come to include several concepts, mainly  based in aromatics, particularly some early French work in a field loosely known as the science of aroma. In a nutshell, I felt that I had created a concept that provided for the magnification of an aromatic topical "message" that delivered topical soothing agents that were effective at the point of application. Please allow me to mention, these days, I am no longer involved in manufacturing but depend on a variety of contract manufacturers and laboratories. The early manufacturing facilities of my past are now in the corridors of history --- long gone are Quantum Laboratories and Turtle Creek Laboratories.

In short, regarding the new concept, I discovered that the result was fabulous and was very beneficial and was actually more effective than earlier versions. 

I suppose that I should mention that I have a better appreciation than some folks for soothing crèmes. Around 1984 through about 1987, I spent a good deal of time prospecting for gold, staking claims, and doing research on gold, rhodium, platinum, silver and other noble metal bearing minerals. During that time I spent a lot of time in the outback, especially around that vast area known as the Labyrinth south of Green River, Utah; and also around Red Mountain, Silverton, Ouray, Ridgway, Telluride, and on toward Grand Mesa in Colorado. Believe me a few days of  torture by mosquitoes --- almost big as magpies, or so they seemed to me --- and hauling a loaded backpack with several pounds of rock samples across the hot desert terrain will give you a real appreciation for iced water and for a good soothing creme, especially for the feet and hands --- always the target of my ore hammer, the mosquitoes, and the sun. For those who wish to know, the days were very hot, the nights very cold.

My concept products  have have proven very popular among mature people and especially among athletes who use the soothing creme as a pre-exercise warm up creme and then as a post exercise cool down creme.

To continue, click here: Dr. Louis Kregel, and the Tour de France

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Updated March 17, 2007