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Skin Care Formulations by HMS Crown
Look Younger Now

Skin Care Anti-Aging Products Guaranteed to Work

by Terry Turner 
Product Designer

Skin care products by HMS Crown get amazing results because we are dedicated to patience and we will not introduce an ineffective product. We have sometimes waited for at least five years before finding just the right anti-aging micronized concept for our clients. HMS Crown is a very traditional company and many of our products were literally created a drop at time. This is especially true of Royal Gold Serum, Royal Beauty, Royal Weekend, Royal Gold Crème, and Morning Gold --- these premium  anti-aging moisturizing products are created in very small batches and many of their ingredients are still added to the batch in microscopic quantities. 

Because HMS Crown skin care products are so effective, we guarantee our clients that when they use HMS Crown anti-aging moisturizers, they will note an immediate improvement in their skin; and we further guarantee that, over time, with continued use, their skin will look better and better because HMS Crown skin care is very effective in the short and long term,  and in a word, the longer you use HMS Crown, the more pleased you will be. We unconditionally guarantee it.

Client Satisfaction Index

HMS Crown skin care clients tell us they are very satisfied. We compute the HMS Crown Skin Care Client Satisfaction Index based on returns, requests for refund, and negative remarks. To date, the Client Satisfaction Index has never been below 99.999% since the first product was introduced. 

HMS Crown is a closely held company and its owners, Terry and Susan Turner, are directly involved in all day to day operations of the company. And they guarantee that you will never be displeased with HMS Crown products or service. 

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Updated March 17, 2007

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