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Skin Care and Anti-Aging Secrets Continued ..

by Terry Turner 
Product Designer

Surgeon Challenges Journalist to a Test

Dr. Kregel’s daughter, Susan, was a pre-med student and often did research work for her father. While she was a pre-med student Susan scrubbed in on a few surgeries with her father and soon found that research suited her much better than a surgical knife and the sight of blood. She left medicine and became an accredited journalist, an avid health researcher, and was eventually an editor for the Federal Reserve Bank and later a business writer and editor for the Dallas Times Herald Newspaper in Dallas, Texas. Susan later had an award winning advertising agency in Dallas where she garnered major advertising awards in print, radio, and television media. She has edited and published books for assorted authors and is or was the editor and publisher of a number of newspapers including Dallas Law, the In-Towner, and is still the very active publisher and editor of our smallest newspaper, the HMS Monitor, the Dallas Medical Guide, and other publications. Susan is also a skilled Web Master, a public relations professional, and is a widely sought after consulting writer. 

Susan and Doctor Kregel were working, as time permitted, on exposing popular misconceptions about cholesterol and were preparing a book, The Great Cholesterol Myth, which would have revealed the importance of ordinary foods in helping maintain healthy cholesterol profiles and the importance of cholesterol as a natural part of the body's immune system. During the time that they were working on the book, Dr. Kregel, with Susan's help, conducted evaluations of some skin care products for us, notably Royal Gold Anti Wrinkle Serum which, giving credit where it is due, was actually developed at the insistence of Susan. During one of the tests, Dr Kregel applied a very expensive, well known vitamin C skin care product to one side of his face and our Royal Gold Serum formulation to the other side of his face for one week.  He challenged Susan to pick the correct side, however, since it was quite obvious which side looked best, it was no challenge to Susan or his staff.  Doctor Kregel and his clinical staff used the serum thereafter.

Note: The cholesterol book was never published due to the untimely death of Dr. Kregel whose death was, in part, attributable to the dread H Pylori bacteria. Little was known at the time about the bacteria or the now famous research of Dr. Barry Marshall, who discovered the relationship of the highly contagious H Pylori to stomach ulcers and cancer. Dr. Marshall was eventually awarded the Nobel prize for his pioneering work in regard to the killer H Pylori bacteria which infects a large percentage of mature adults. 

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Updated March 17, 2007
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