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Skin Care and Anti-Aging Secrets Continued ... 

Nutritional Influences . . . and the Urquharts

by Terry Turner 
Product Designer

Beginning around 1963, prior to my move to Old Mexico, I had the experience of working for an extended period with United States Navy Commander Oscar Urquhart who had an intense interest in health and nutrition. Commander Urquhart was the United States Navy Asian Fleet wrestling champion on three occasions, a natural and highly trained athlete, a highly respected trainer and coach for a number of Navy teams. He spent many years in the Orient and where he developed a deep appreciation for Chinese, Japanese, and Indonesian alternative diet, herbs, and supplementation as a means to help maintain a healthy body under stressful war time conditions. 

I have to credit Commander Urquhart and his beautiful wife Genie with a great extension of my own awareness of alternative and natural health concepts. While working with the Urquharts at their Christmas Tree Lane plantation which was located near Harrisonville, Missouri, I was daily exposed to their habit of taking vitamin and mineral supplements, herbal teas, and meals enriched with fresh garlic, apricot and almond seeds, bean sprouts, and similar food products that were hardly part of mainstream thinking in the early sixties. I can have no doubt that their regime contributed greatly to their vitality and the youthful appearance of their skin even though they spent long days in the fields nurturing and grooming their thousands of Christmas trees. 

At this writing (March of 2007), Genie is in her mid nineties and still has very attractive skin, an exceedingly sharp mind, and has recently survived a serious heart attack to which she is responding with her own aggressive program of exercise, some allopathic medicines, and her own unusual dietary regime She continues to have an interest in floral design, for which she was highly trained and for which she received numerous awards for excellence in design (particularly in connection with the Kansas City and St. Louis Flower Shows). Genie is certainly a continuing inspiration to me and to many others. 

Please allow me to state at this point that I am not, nor is any member of HMS Crown, a physician. We do not diagnose, prescribe, advise, treat, or medicate anyone for any health condition. All persons suffering from any sickness, disease, illness, injury, or other health aggravation should consult their own health care professional. Nothing that we sell is intended to treat any disease condition.

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Updated March 17, 2007

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