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Spa Rio Caliente 
(Rancho Rio Caliente) - Mexico
by Terry Turner, Product Designer

Later in old Mexico, where I operated world famous Spa Rio Caliente from 1969 through 1975, I was privileged to work directly with a wide variety of Naturopaths, Yogis, Herbalists, and Huicholi Indians at the hot river spa that is located on the banks of Rio Caliente, the hot river, in a volcanic mountain zone north of the colonial city of Guadalajara in the state of Jalisco. The mineral waters of Rio Caliente are quite incredible and were rich in minerals including an abundance of lithium. Lithium, for example, has a half-life that can be measured in seconds and those volatile live volcanic waters were certainly effective for many folks seeking to maintain their health, their appearance, their tranquility, and their sense of vitality. 

In fact, some of our  experiences of Spa Rio Caliente are being drawn together in an HMS Crown “virtual spa.” The virtual spa concept is based around things that each of us can do for ourselves in the privacy of our own homes. In these times of increasing stress, one must pay much more attention to relaxation, rest, regeneration, and recuperation to support one's health and, of course,  to assure a beautiful skin and healthful appearance. Not only must we greet each day in a world filled with increasing stresses, it is also clear that we face, simultaneously, a serious degradation in the quality of our food. Further, each of us is daily challenged by deceptive advertising practices that require us to be better informed than would be necessary in a society based on ethical conduct. In the final analysis, the fate of our whole civilization will rise or fall on two things alone: self responsibility for self-responsibility cannot be assigned or delegated to others; and on personal ethics, which cannot be divorced from business ethics, and without which life is reduced to the claw and tooth of the jungle.

Huicholi Indians, Curanderos, and Paavo Airola

At Rio Caliente, I learned methods and techniques for working with plants, and water, and to some degree minerals, from the Huicholi Indians who occasionally visited the Rio Caliente Hacienda, and from local Herbalists, and Curanderos in La Primavera and other nearby communities. Certainly, from them I learned an entirely different way of thinking about, “communicating,”  and working with plants. I arrived in Rio Caliente in a three-piece suit with a brief case full of stop watches, slide rules, time study sheets, and other engineering paraphernalia, which, in due course, I permanently put away as I found they had no place there. All this was, of course, long before the popular advent of personal computers and Blackberry devices.

My experiences with the Rio Caliente folk, which included Yogis, Ministers, Priests, Herbalists, Curanderos, and practitioners of every sort --- such as Psychologists, Physical Therapists , and Osteopaths --- were almost alien to me in the beginning but they gently and slowly introduced me to new ideas and slowly took me deep into organic and desert gardening. 

While there, I also had the privilege of working directly with personalities such as Paavo Airola, ND, a famous alternative medicine Naturopathic Doctor, and author of several books. I had the opportunity of assisting Paavo, and others, in the preparation of their "secret" teas, salves, tinctures, poultices, and herbals. I have spent many hours with Paavo crushing agave cactus (Leuchtenbergia principis) or aloe yucca (Yucca aloifolia; not to be confused with aloe vera) behind the dining room at Rio Caliente. On the rear patio of the dining room we had a place for guests to post words of wisdom and the spot was referred to as the “wisdom wall.” As we were often in hot disagreement about fasting, flushes, hot or cold scrubs with loofas, and the like, he often told me that I would never be quoted on the wisdom wall --- but I am, or was, for at one time my little 3x5 card posted there said, "Make the truth your own. Until it is your own, it can have no meaning for you or others. Terry Turner, March 17, 1975"  I also recall a quote there by Dr. Jack Pessin, a great healer and Doctor of Chiropractic, now gone to the light, which read, as I recall, "The only good use of power is no use." Jack's beautiful wife, Sylvia Pessin, was still in residence at Rio Caliente a few years ago.

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Updated March 17,2007