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Importance of Sun in Formulas
by Terry Turner 
Product Designer

Importance of Sun, Soil, and Climate for Quality Ingredients

It is also worth noting that many energies impact on the quality of raw ingredients. Aloe vera or an eucalyptus tree growing near the equator gets much more sunshine than, say a willow tree along the Canadian border. Two oil producing trees, for example, can produce oil but the characteristics of each of the two oils even though technically identical are distinct. To the experienced eye the oil will have a different color, to the experienced nose it will have a different aroma, the viscosity will differ and there will be other slight but notable differences because the impact the amount of daily sunshine and, of course, because of the local climate, soil, and so forth.

It is also true that certain soils, for example volcanic soils versus humus rich soils, offer an entirely different range of nutrients to plant life and accordingly produce variations in the plants themselves. HMS Crown understands that premium quality skin care products require that one know plants and their extracts. Of course soil, water, nutrients available to the plants, wild crafting, the preservation and proper harvesting of plants, is also very important to the quality of the finished skin care product. 

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Updated March 7, 2007

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