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Skin Care Formulations by HMS Crown
Look Younger Now

Superior HMS Crown Quality for Skin, Nails and Hair

Skin Care and Anti-Aging Secrets Continued ...
by Terry Turner
Product Designer

Susan, the President of HMS Crown, is a very demanding client, and so am I. Since we are both very hard to please when it comes to HMS Crown quality, it took us over five years to select a shampoo to carry the HMS Crown brand. The original hair conditioner with its unique formula was developed around 1996 or so, but we would not have the shampoo that we agreed would carry the HMS Crown logo until 2001. 

The gratifying thing, for both of us, is that our products command loyalty and, even today (March 17, 2007), we still retain our very first customer who lives in Muenster, Texas. Happily, our client satisfaction index remains, at this writing (March 17, 2007), at 99.999%. If you have an interest in what a few of our clients have to say, please visit the Beautiful People Gallery  or read customer critiques of the HMS Crown products.

The HMS Crown Guarantee of Satisfaction

As the designer of HMS Crown skin care products, I want you to know that I personally stand behind my pledge that you will see an immediate difference when you begin using HMS Crown skin care products. I guarantee you that the HMS Crown Staff will do everything possible to provide you with excellent personal service and make every reasonable effort to retain you as satisfied client. And, the company, HMS Crown, Inc., stands behind these products with an unshakable   guarantee. And I assure you, the corporate guarantee is just like our products:
it works for you, it works for you right now, and we guarantee it.

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Skin Care Formulations by HMS Crown
HMS Crown, Inc. 

Updated March 17, 2007

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Superior HMS Crown Quality

All HMS Crown products are formulated and processed in the United States 
Quality Guaranteed!