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Dr. Louis Kregel, and the Tour de France

by Terry Turner, Product Designer
In connection with the early evolution of soothing crème, I hasten to mention that some very important people made very significant contributions to its early development, but we were unable to sustain our corporate structure or relationships and ultimately went our own ways.

An associate at the time, Dewitt Moore, a great cosmetic chemist, worked the aromatic concepts into a formula around 1982. It was very popular among sports trainers. It was used, not only as a soothing crème but was widely used by runners, bikers, weight lifters and others as a pre-exercise warm-up lotion and an after-exercise as a cool-down lotion. I recall very distinctly how pleased I was some time later to have my wife's father, Dr. Louis Kregel, request a quantity of the lotion to be used by one his physical therapy associates in the world famous Tour de France bike race.

When discussing important contributors, Susan's mother Micki McGinley Kregel, Dr. Kregels wife, comes to mind first. She was the first to encourage me to proceed with the development of not just soothing creams, but a full skin care line. She had a vision of the company, and provided tremendous encouragement and support. It would be impossible to mention all the ways that cheerful, charming, and intuitive lady assisted us, whether with developing and testing products or brainstorming product names. 

Micki was a beautiful lady with reddish hair, a bright gleam in her eye that could be spotted for miles and she was very proud of her Irish complexion. She was once stopped in the midst of being admitted to the hospital by Medical City employees questioning her about how she cared for her skin. At age 82, she had gorgeous skin. She attributed her continuing good looks to Royal Gold Serum and Royal Beauty Daily Anti-Aging moisturizer --- products which she had tested and actually named.

Both Dr. Kregel and Micki passed away in 1998. Those two very fine people were a great loss to their family, friends, and patients. Their loss in terms of HMS Crown was seriously felt because they had both been such powerful active supporters and it is likely that without their encouragement, especially Micki's, HMS Crown may never have come into existence.

Louis Kregel, Surgeon with Alternative View

My wife, Susan, and her surgeon father made significant contributions to the development of the final products that ultimately became the HMS Crown product line. Her father, Louis Albertus Kregel, MD was a famous Southwestern surgeon and had been the Chief of Surgery at St. Paul in Dallas, Texas and lifetime clinical professor of surgery at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School. He instructed many surgeons and was among the first of all medical doctors to have alternative practitioners on his staff. In fact Dr. Kregel traveled to Europe and the East to study acupuncture in the early sixties. Shortly afterwards he made the leap and sponsored Dr. Susan HO of Taiwan for residency. Dr. Ho, an acupuncturist, served on Dr. Kregel's professional staff for many years. 

Even though Dr. Kregel was a surgeon of national prominence and had the invention of various surgical procedures to his professional credit, those who knew him were never surprised by the fact that he might recommend vitamin supplementation, physical therapy, specialized diets, or acupuncture instead of surgery. Dr Kregel did surgery on me, a very exacting surgery that saved me from a colostomy when other surgeons assured me I had no alternative. Twenty or more years have passed since he performed that surgery and I have never had a recurrence and, even today, I truly thank God that Susan insisted that I consult with Dr. Kregel before electing the suggested surgery. I, of course, have always appreciated his clinical views on our soothing crèmes and skin care products.

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Updated March 21, 2007