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Importance of Water in Formulas
by Terry Turner 
Product Designer

As the designer of HMS Crown products, I think it will be useful for the reader to know what I believe makes HMS Crown skin care products so effective that both immediate and long term improvements in the appearance and condition of their skin can be readily observed by our clients. 

To quickly sketch in the health and nutrition background which led to the development of HMS Crown anti aging skin care products, let me mention a few contributing factors which form the basis of my philosophy regarding skin care products for skin care and beautiful, health skin. 

From 1957 and into the early sixties, I was continuously stationed  in Germany near two great spa towns, Wiesbaden and Baden-Baden, where I was introduced to the idea of “taking waters” and bathing in mineral waters for the promotion of personal health and to help preserve beautiful skin and hair. I spent several years in Germany and occasionally took short trips in which I took various “waters” or “spas” around Europe and North Africa. My travels ranged form France, Italy, Turkey, Libya, to Egypt, and several other countries, I developed an early interest in the impact of water on personal health and beauty; elsewhere I have written on the subject of mineral waters. And, as a matter of fact, today I yet consider water quality and mineral characteristics to be a major factor in most effective products. 

For example, it is very important, in my opinion,  that products be made with pure water and have the right selected mineral content, absent minerals not suited to the purpose at hand, and that the desired mineral content be of a desirable molecular structure, and that the desired minerals are in solution and not in large molecular clusters. If the water meets the described characteristics, it is then of a type and quality suitable for intentional use or structuring and other advanced operations and conditioning by the operator. I should also mention that clean water, pure water, de-ionized water, and distilled water all have their place in the formulation process. I hope it is understood that mineral rich concentrates are not needed or even desirable under all conditions. 

Importance of Water and Soil for Quality Ingredients

Water is, in and of itself, an important ingredient in skin care formulations; clearly it is one of the more important ingredients if water is used in a formula. In the same way that water can contain or hold vital nutrients so does soil contain or hold essential micronutrients of almost every description. 

Those of you familiar with farming know that most farming operations depletes the soil of minerals and other nutrients. This problem is so severe that I will shortly publish an HMS Monitor devoted to the problem of vitamin and mineral deficient foods. Many years ago when I was preparing a white paper for the government of Mexico --- I was an environmental advisor to Mexico DF at the time --- regarding organic and high desert farming methods. I was working with my attorney, Camillo Mendez Walker, at the time circa 1971, and he helped me with translations to make the point that in the United States, at that time, it was already a necessity to add certain minerals such as zinc to animal feed because corn, for example, could no longer pick zinc up from the commercial soil in which it was being grown. Fertilizers had bound (tied) zinc and other minerals in the soil so that those minerals were totally inaccessible to the growing plant. So, clearly, if one wanted a plant to be rich in minerals, one had to know whether the plant was grown under mineral rich conditions. 

However, the point is this, a plant grown on commercial soil will look like similar plants but it will not be the same as a plant grown under nutrient rich conditions. Water, as a bearer or conveyor of nutrients for plants is vital to the growing plant, just as a nutrient rich soil environment is important to the growing plant ---- in a word, the trees, plants, fruits, fish, herbs, etc. that are the raw material that is used to create HMS Crown skin care products depend on good soil and good water. I am sure that it is clear that similar factors impact fish, for example, which accounts for the extreme nutritional differences between farmed fish and wild caught fish.

In the end these water and soil issues affect not only all the world's air, waters, soils, insects, plants, animals, fowls, fishes, and all other species, and all humans as well. We must be good, ethical conservators of our resources and our wisdom or we will perish miserably. 

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